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June 3, 2012 3 comments


How am I keeping my exhibition alive?

as Mari said we tought Ms.Kelli’s class the song.

That’s not all.. We went to Khun. Bo and he said the cats have been sent to a big temple (I don’t know which because it’s hard to remember). The monks are taking care of the cats. They only sent the cats that need help, they left the cats that don’t need help (are healthy). Of course, Mari and I are really happy. I think it’s better than taking them to a vet.

So.. I am keeping my exhibition alive. YAY!!

Now for something else…

Mari, Mara, Emma , Chiani and I.. Made it to threw the auditions. YAY!!
We will be dancing at the completion ceremony. So will Stefan and Zola be dancing at the completion ceremony. I know some people in 6SS that should have gone to the auditions.

Anyways..See you guys on Tuesday.


PYP exhibition

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi 6ss success,

Yasmin and I went to teach Ms.Kelli’s class the song, “Cat Rap”. It was quite fast for them. I taught them the song and Yasmin played the music but they couldn’t remember the words. So, we decided to just play the music and get them used too the rhythm. When we played it, they started dancing!! They were so cute!!! We are going back to Ms.Kelli’s class and teach them the song until they can remember it.

The guards in NIST have been capturing the cats at school to take them to the vet so they can be vaccinated and neutered. Many people in this class have been asking me why they captured them.

So we were not pretending with our PYP exhibition. We are still making it happen.



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How I’m Keeping My Exhibition Alive

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi 6SS,

So to prove that I am still keeping my Exhibition alive I am going to tell you some things that I have done so far, so my Exhibition topic was bullying and I wrote a book about it and teachers like Mr. Bob, Ms. Moi, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Michelle bought it for their classes like Ms. Moi who bought 6 for group reading sessions with her class and like Mr. Bob who bought one and read it himself and then put it in his class for his students to read and they all really liked and now what I am focusing on is putting my book in the library and Ms. Jennifer and I have been sending e-mails back and forth I finally found out that my book will be in the library after the summer holidays and until then I have been going through my pre-order list and selling more books and I have been writing letters back and forth with a girl in Year 5 who read my book and has been sending me letters and people who read my book have also been sending me e-mails. Right now you might be thinking if I am still selling a few books why do I have a big box of books still in the class well, that’s because sometimes I can’t find the right time to sell more and I really need to organize myself about this since organization and managing my time is going to be very important next year. So I’m not pretending and my Exhibition is not a big joke, I’m committed into keeping my Exhibition going on even next year!

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Blogfolio Task: Your PYPx Journey

May 21, 2012 2 comments

Create a Blogfolio posting that tells the story of your PYP Exhibition. Try to include the following information:

  • Why you chose the spark you chose
  • The main things you did to create energy
  • The biggest challenge you faced
  • The most rewarding experience you had
  • The shifts you think you created so far
  • The ‘Lynchpins” of your PYP Exhibition
  • Ideas for how you can carry on with your PYP Exhibition

Make your posting interesting by including photographs, videos and any other things you can think of. You can find photos and videos in the Year 6 folder on Media.

When you have published your posting, make a comment on here and include the link to your Blogfolio posting.

Homework: Numbers in your PYP Exhibition

May 17, 2012 66 comments


We will be basing quite a bit of our work on this homework task so please take this seriously, think carefully, deeply and beyond the obvious.

How are numbers connected to your PYP Exhibition work?

  • Did you need to calculate the cost of anything?
  • Did you need to count money?
  • Did you gather data?
  • Did you calculate percentages?
  • Did you count the number of people you spoke to?
  • Did you measure anything?
  • Did any of your research contain numbers?
  • Was time important in your exhibition?
  • Was distance relevant to your exhibition?

Think about the questions above and also any other ways that numbers may have been involved in the work that you did at any stage in the PYP Exhibition. Make a comment to explain and to give as much detail as you can with the information you have at home.

Yuki, Madhav, Vin and Pan Exhibition

May 17, 2012 2 comments

Just got interviewed by DMC  news. And Pan was saying a long stream of complicated thai. After that we got a photo with the executive secretary of ASH Thailand. We were really nervous and scared we hope we can persuade people to stop smoking.

Yuki, Madhav ,Vin and Pan Exhibition

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

HI 6ss,

We just reached the hotel and they are showing us around. We are also going on TV, they also said that on 31st of may we are going to future park and the princess of Thailand is coming.

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