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Ever Wondered What Your Name Meant?

March 13, 2012 9 comments

Did you ever wonder what your name meant? I have two different names. My really name is Gayoung and I asked my father who name me. He told me that my name is connected with Mandarin. Ga is Beautiful Ga and Young is corolla. So that means my name is a beautiful corolla. Now, I know the true meaning of my name and I appreciate it. The other name which is Vicky. My mom named me like this because she wanted me to be more strong and be to have a meaning of victory. I felt so happy I have parents that really care about me!

 So now, can you tell me your story and why your parents named you like that?  What do you feel about it?  Do you like it? Can you really feel and understand your name and are you going to be a person like that?  How do your parents think about your name?  Do they think you are a person like that?


Trip to Pattaya-My Challenge

November 5, 2011 2 comments

This is about going to Pattaya. We stayed at this hotel called Centara Mirage. It was so wonderful there! Also Seok-ho is not scared of swimming any more because he had so much fun swimming in the Centara Mirage swimming pool!

Click this link to see: Trip to Pattaya-Centara Mirage on PhotoPeach

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Homework: The World When You Were a Zygote

November 25, 2010 35 comments

Interview your parents to find out what the world was like and what their lives were like when you were a Zygote!

Kanchanaburi Information

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Parents,

Please find below the information about Year 6 Kanchanaburi Camp.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team

PowerPoint From Thursday Night’s Camp Briefing:

Itinerary :

Camp Packing List :

Photos from Parent Coffee Morning

September 22, 2010 7 comments

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These photos show parents and students of 6SS looking at the students’ cards on the Gradual Release of Responsibility and discussing whether or not they are in the right place on the continuum. They also show parents and students collaborating to write a comment on the blog posting below, giving details of their conversations and telling us what their goals are for the immediate future.

Here’s a nice photo of the parents enjoying the relaxing part of the morning, organized by these students:

Aayush, Paula, Paul, Anirudh, Odette, Ken, Gabi, May, Pimboon, Am and Samantha. Well done to them!!!

New Goals for Gradual Release of Responsibility

September 20, 2010 47 comments

With your parents, spend some time looking at the Gradual Release of Responsibility diagram outside the classroom:

  • Explain how the diagram works
  • Share your cards with them by taking them off one-by-one and finding somewhere to talk about each one
  • Find out if they think your cards are in the right place on the GRR
  • Discuss how you can work together with your parents to progress
  • Decide on one or two goals for the next couple of weeks
  • Make a comment to tell us your goals and a bit of information about the conversations you had

Remember, make your goals:

Sustainable (you will carry on doing it)

Manageable (it is not too much to take on)

Achievable (you can achieve success with it)

Realistic (it is appropriate for you)

Timely (now is the perfect time to work on this goal)

Paula created her own image!

September 6, 2010 31 comments

This weekend, Paula created this image for “effervescent” and emailed it to me. Here is her email:

Hi Mr. Sam,

after we have been doing some presentation lessons with Mr. Will I have gone home and looked for more pictures that were relevant. When I tried searching for bubbling soda water nothing really relevant to effervescent came up so I thought I could take a picture by myself.

I first tried with a small camera which didn’t really work at all so I asked my mom to help she said she’d help but we’d use the big camera (Canon 5D). I really trust her because she has taken a lot of good pictures (my dad as well) thats why they bought such a good camera. So my mom even changed the lense because we had a special lense that was especially for close ups and then I was pouring some soda water into a glass while she took pictures and I then worked on it in Picasa.

Hope you like it,