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My HW task

October 20, 2011 11 comments

My HW task was to share my summer holiday pictures. Over the holiday, We went to Italy. we flew to Milan, then drove to Switzerland and back, then we went to Rome, Florence and Venice, Sorrento(a city along the Amalfi coast) some of the main cities of Italy and also Verona. It was really fun and we took lots of photos. We visited many famous place, including the Leaning tower of Pisa, The Vatican and the Colisseum. Also, the food was yummy, but sometimes the Italian food in Bangkok was better. When we had to leave, I wanted to stay longer because it was so fun there!

“A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority.” 
Dr.Samuel Johnson

                                                                                                   A seagull in Sorrento

                                                                                                                                            And here’s a video I made with our photos.


Ottawa, Canada

July 24, 2011 9 comments

Hey guys, how’s your holiday? For me, my holiday is awesome. Today is my last day at Ottawa, the capitol of Canada. During this trip, I went to many, many places. I have tons of photos and memories.
During these 18 days at Canada, I also went to Toronto, the capitol of the province Ontario and I have been to Quebec province and city.
At Ottawa, some popular places I went to are: Calypso water park, Centre Block, Rideau hall and many more.
I’m staying at my cousins place. I came to Ottawa because my family decided to pay a visit to my cousins. They live here because their father is a diplomat, and he has to work in many countries. My cousins came here 2 years ago, and they will go back to Thailand in 1-2 more years.

At Quebec, the main highlight was when I went to St. Anne canyon. A canyon is like a series of rocky waterfalls. It’s really big and pretty hard to describe!

I also went to Niagara falls (the east side). That is the reason why I went to Toronto-Toronto isn’t far from the falls. I was extremely honored to see the falls at a very young age. It was a beautiful experience. I went on a boat ‘The maid of the mist’ which takes you close to the falls, and getting a touch of the water crashing down. It was beautiful.

Here are some images of places at Ottawa:

Some images of Toronto:

Image of Quebec:

I have loads more photos but I will upload them on Flickr when I have a lot of free time. Everyone share your stories about your Holiday!

Scary data about “summer reading”!

June 6, 2011 29 comments

“What we know is that children who do not read in the summer lose two to three months of reading development while kids who do read tend to gain a month of reading proficiency,” Allington said. “This creates a three to four month gap every year. Every two or three years the kids who don’t read in the summer fall a year behind the kids who do.”

Read the full article here.

Wow! That is scary stuff, but it is also very true. Students who read as a habit, who read for fun and relaxation, do tend to progress MUCH quicker that students who don’t.

I never go anywhere without a book.

So, what will you read this summer? Make yourself a book list. Then, get those books and make sure they are always in your backpack wherever you go in the holiday. You should always be able to pick up a good book whenever you have a bit of spare time. You can check to see what books are available in the bookshops here:

Make a comment to tell us your book list for the summer. Also, tell us where and when you will probably do most of your reading.

No School for You Until Wednesday

March 1, 2010 5 comments

Don’t forget that you guys don’t come in to school until Wednesday this week. The Teachers have two days of science training on Monday and Tuesday… but you all get two more days holiday!

Photograph by Henrique Vicente on Flickr.
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My Trip To Phuket

February 25, 2010 16 comments

From Thursday to Sunday I will be going to Phuket. (I’m in Phuket right now.) I’m having a lot of fun right now. Tomorrow I will go snorkelling. Here is a picture of the type of villa I’ll be in. (My family is using the smaller villa but it looks like this one.) My camera malfunctioned so I couldn’t take a picture of the villa. (This picture came from the internet.) I’m staying at Sheraton Grande Laguna.

My Christmas Holiday

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to Pattaya with my family for 2 nights and 3 days.  We went on a boat trip, we swam, read books, and relaxed.  I enjoyed my vacation because I like staying in hotels.

Miki 6SS

I went to home to Cambodia for my cousin’s wedding.  My father’s youger brother got married.  There were about 900 people at the wedding.  I didn’t like the wedding because it was boring.

Leng 5KK

I went to Angkor Wat with my family for Christmas.  It was a fascinating experience.  I really enjoyed the intricate stone carvings. 

Mr. Bill

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Tell us about your holiday

January 11, 2010 75 comments

Happy Holidays by Andrew*.

Let’s start up a blog conversation about the holidays. Make a comment to tell us about:

  • the best thing you did
  • the worst thing you did
  • the most exciting event
  • the most boring event
  • people you spent time with
  • anything scary that happened
  • anything frustrating that happened
  • the best presents you got
  • the weirdest thing that happened
  • the most interesting place you went to
  • the most interesting person you met
  • the most beautiful thing you saw
  • the best thing you ate

… and any other ideas of your own.

Then, read other people’s comments and start conversations.

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