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What is going on?

August 18, 2011 9 comments

Ms. Jane emailed me these photos:

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Make a comment to tell us:

  • What you are doing
  • What skills you are using and developing
  • What was challenging
  • What was quite easy

Bossiness vs. Leadership

September 18, 2010 16 comments

What is the difference between being bossy and being a leader?

Make a comment to explain your ideas.

6GD have been blogging about this question too, have a look:

Homework: Will you become like him?

August 23, 2010 102 comments

Today we watched a funny (but also very scary) video about a guy called James who is so disorganized that is home has become completely disgusting. Watch the video with your parents (when they have time) and then get them to help you answer the questions underneath.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Homework A – Make a comment to tell us your answers to these questions:

  • How did James’ house get so bad?
  • What kind of person is James? Describe him as well as you can.
  • Tell us some interesting things that James says during the show.

Homework B – Make a comment to tell us your answers to these questions:

  • Describe James after his house was cleaned, how did he change?
  • How do you think his life will change in the future if he can keep his house clean?

Our speaking and listening essential agreements

August 17, 2010 29 comments

We have been telling stories and listening to stories and then talking about how we should behave when we are speaking and listening. We discussed our body language, our facial expressions and the choices we should make about when and how to speak.

Now, we need one or two sentences to become our essential agreement about speaking and listening. Make a comment and have a go at putting together a sentence that includes positive instructions about how to speak and listen successfully. If you can’t think of a sentence, just tell us what key words you think should be in the sentence.

Need Help!

May 26, 2010 11 comments

For the hydroponics I’m going to plant the small seedlings on thursday. I need your help to do this. I will appreciate if anyone comes and help. It will only take a few minutes and we won’t get wet. This crop will be Thai vegetables so it will grow quickier than salad so we can harvest on the last week of school.

Extending the “Together We Can” Slogan

May 25, 2010 2 comments

6SS have been thinking about what is needed in order for Thailand to emerge from the current situation as a better and stronger country. Today, we shared all of our ideas for how to extend the “Together We Can” slogan that was used to generate interest in the “Big Cleanup” on Sunday. The  students discussed what all of the causes of last week’s events were and tired to look behind the media, the gossip, the rumours and the colours.

By sharing their ideas they have formed seven new slogans:

“Together we can rethink about the choices we make.”

“Together we can all have a voice.”

“Together we can respect and care for eachother.”

“Together we can earn the trust of other people in the world.”

“Together we can make Thailand a cleaner place than before.”

“Together we can bring back the land of smiles.”

“Together we can correct our mistakes.”

A question for our audience: what do you think about these slogans? What effect do you think they could have? Could they be improved? Are they clear enough?

“Together we can…”

May 24, 2010 47 comments

Students and Slogan by sherrattsam.

This slogan was written as part of the “Bangkok Cleanup” campaign, so the sentence goes like this “Together we can clean up the city”.

How many different ways could that sentence be finished? Think about what is needed in Thailand in order to create a positive future.

“Together we can………………………….”

Share your ideas by making comments. Suggest positive things that could be done. Be realistic. Be respectful. Be thinkers. Think about all four lenses of the Compass: Well-being, Nature, Economy and Society and how they could help you think about the situation.

Don’t use any names of people, political groups. Don’t express any political opinions.