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Mystery Solved!

February 29, 2012 14 comments

Hi everyone!

Now the mystery of the annonymus is solved. It was me! Lots people would be surprised but actually I am surprised too. How did this was by finding new words by thesaurus so people will think it might be someonelse. Actually, I learned some new words too when I was going on this progress. So, now you know the story, does anyone agree with me? It’s nearly end of the year but we still have lots of time. Let’s get Mr.Sam to trust

us  completely so we can have a class pet. That means we need to be extra wise. I’m wondering if we can have a class pet what pet will be great to see. So can you suggest ideas of pets? How did I express myself for my opinion of getting a pet?

See you,


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Are you free this Saturday?

February 29, 2012 4 comments

Yasmin and her family do some work with this home for children living with disabilities. Show your support and have some fun by going to their Fun Fair this weekend.

Homework: Explain this quote

February 29, 2012 46 comments



“Yesterday an idea is mine, today it is yours and

tomorrow it belongs to the whole world.”

Konstantin Stanislavsky

Why are ideas like sparks

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment


I think that ideas are like sparks because when you lite a sparkler it starts shouting sparks just like ideas so lets say as a example your doing your home work then suddenly there is a spark bam there you go its a new idea.

Also most of the time it just randomly happens like sparks just liqhting it then spark it happens.

It also depends maby you spark starts red like fire then it changes to blue then green so that means that your idea is improving so first as example you idea it red you have the idea to make a hotel then it turns blue you wanna add a pool then its green you wanna add a water slide from each room so it just keeps on emproving


step one red.

a simple idea

improve it.        step 2 green                                                                                                   

step 3 blue.

making it better.

                                                   so the thing is it just keeps going on you keep getting an idea to make it better.

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why ideas are like sparks

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment


Ideas are like sparks because once you have an idea you make them happen like it is a spark. Some people idea are not so good so there spark are just light ex: I will try to make my own paper and cut my own tree that is not a spark that was just light but…..ex: I am making sculptures out clay and putting them around school that is like a spark. People ideas can all be different so if you think your idea is better don’t say there idea is just light there is different kind of sparks people idea can also be light but don’t say them in front of them

Love Gina 😛


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Why Ideas Are Like Sparks

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

 Ideas are like sparks because a spark is like an idea that you want to share to other people, and it is like an explosion in your head (a very big idea). Thinking about it now I think that using the word “spark” makes it more powerful and it really does describe an idea with one simple word. A spark soars in the sky at first and then it explodes, getting an idea is very similar to that because it first comes to you and then you want to tell others about it. Using the word “spark” really does make it more inspiring because it first starts with something small soaring up in the sky and then it explodes into a firework which shows the idea.

Why Are Ideas Like Sparks

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hi guys,

I think ideas are likes sparks because when a spark happens it lights up and it is sort of the same with ideas because when you get an idea it lights up in your head. It means that it starts something like a energy in a room and an idea  starts with a bit of energy. A spark is doesn’t take a long time to come it is instant and a idea is the same its not like you have to create an idea on some software for 5 hours straight it is also instant. A spark can also shock people an Idea can do that except it doesn’t hurt them in a physical way. Sparks are not that big but they can still hurt a lot and Ideas don’t have to be big either but a small idea can become a big one from time to time.


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