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Coffee Morning

September 19, 2011 2 comments

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow at 8:00 you go to the staff lounge for food and drinks. Then, at 8:30 you can come up to our classroom on the 4th floor in the thon po area.


Vin, Hannah, Yuki and Madhav


A sharing session in 6SS

September 13, 2011 1 comment

What feedback did you get about your work?


Using the Cloud!

August 31, 2011 5 comments

What are the main messages in this presentation?

What tools, attitudes and actions can you use to be more organized?


Mr. Brett – “How I organize my email”

August 23, 2011 5 comments

What were the main messages in Mr. Brett’s presentation?

What tools/techniques/habits could you use to be more organized?

A Wordle Made from Comments

September 24, 2010 9 comments

This wordle is made out of the c0mments on this posting:

The words that you all used the most are the biggest!

Kanchanaburi Information

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Parents,

Please find below the information about Year 6 Kanchanaburi Camp.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team

PowerPoint From Thursday Night’s Camp Briefing:

Itinerary :

Camp Packing List :

Photos from Parent Coffee Morning

September 22, 2010 7 comments

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These photos show parents and students of 6SS looking at the students’ cards on the Gradual Release of Responsibility and discussing whether or not they are in the right place on the continuum. They also show parents and students collaborating to write a comment on the blog posting below, giving details of their conversations and telling us what their goals are for the immediate future.

Here’s a nice photo of the parents enjoying the relaxing part of the morning, organized by these students:

Aayush, Paula, Paul, Anirudh, Odette, Ken, Gabi, May, Pimboon, Am and Samantha. Well done to them!!!