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Need Help!

May 26, 2010 11 comments

For the hydroponics I’m going to plant the small seedlings on thursday. I need your help to do this. I will appreciate if anyone comes and help. It will only take a few minutes and we won’t get wet. This crop will be Thai vegetables so it will grow quickier than salad so we can harvest on the last week of school.



May 12, 2010 7 comments

Hi everyone, on Thursday I am going to harvest this lot of hydroponics vegetables. This crop is not big because of the heat so all the vegetables will be given to people instead of selling. Please come and help me afterschool, it won’t take long you guys can just bring a bag or container to take some of vegetables home and eat them in return. Also on Friday please come and help me clean the hydroponics kit afterschool.

Thursday School Closed

April 7, 2010 25 comments

On Thursday the school is closed. (Tomorrow). It is closed due to the Red shirts and what they did today.

No Splash Day !!!!!!!!!!

No School!!!!!!!!!



Can you tell us what it is?

April 4, 2010 3 comments

Tea Mountain: Path by Jakob Montrasio.

During your Spot-Check on Friday, Mr. Adrian asked a number of you to give us a definition of your issue. He asked questions like this:

  • What are privacy settings?
  • Can you define ‘racism’… what does it mean?
  • What does “endangered species” mean?
  • Can you explain what sustainability means?

Many of you found it difficult to answer his question and had to make up something on the spot which wasn’t very clear. This was a wake-up call and you need to make sure you know exactly how to define your issue and explain the key words that surround it.

Your task for today and tonight is to create a poster that says, in no more than 140 letters, what your issue actually means. Your poster must :

  • contain only one image
  • no more than 140 letters
  • be created in Microsoft Word and then converted to an A3 Pdf file and emailed to me.

Spot Check

March 27, 2010 4 comments

For the spot check my mum came to see me present, she also brang a camera so after I presented I took some pictures. Here are some pictures from the spot check.

Sharing Session One

March 24, 2010 38 comments

Today you had the chance to make connections with people in other Year 6 classes who are studying similar issues to yours. Sometimes, the connections were really clear and obvious. Sometimes, you had to think quite hard to see if connections existed.

Watch the slideshow and reflect on the session. Here’s some things to think about:

  • What went well?
  • What was easy?
  • What did not go well?
  • What was difficult?
  • How did you feel during the session?
  • How did people’s personalities (no names please) affect your ability to share your ideas?
  • Did you connect with people you think you really will be able to collaborate with effectively?

Make a comment to tell us your thoughts.

Exibition – Cars Idling

March 23, 2010 31 comments


For my exibition I doing a topic on Cars Idling I would like to ask you some questions:

  • What do you think about Idling?
  • What does it make you feel like when you see a car Idling?
  • What would you say about idling?
  • What would you say to someone who is Idling?