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Today’s Snorkelling

February 26, 2010 24 comments

Today I had a lot of fun snorkelling and exploring the islands. Here is some of the pictures of the trip. I didn’t take these pictures from the internet. The main highlight islands is Koh Yung which near the beach on the shallow waters there is many crabs, small fish, coral, shells, shrimps and sea slugs. Another place is called Hin Glang which is beetween the island Phi Phi Don and Koh Hong where I went snorkelling. I also took pictures of the GPS in the ship when we reached the islands.


My Trip To Phuket

February 25, 2010 16 comments

From Thursday to Sunday I will be going to Phuket. (I’m in Phuket right now.) I’m having a lot of fun right now. Tomorrow I will go snorkelling. Here is a picture of the type of villa I’ll be in. (My family is using the smaller villa but it looks like this one.) My camera malfunctioned so I couldn’t take a picture of the villa. (This picture came from the internet.) I’m staying at Sheraton Grande Laguna.

Design Competion-Website Design

February 24, 2010 16 comments

Hey 6ss

I would like you guys to take part in my design completion it is called website Design. If you don’t understand it look at mine it is called You Twitt face.

So you have to use website logos to make a really good design

The rules are:

* You can’t copy anyone else’s Design
* Be Creative
* Can be done by hand or computer.
* Due March 5th 2010 and must have a title
* Send it to me at: or
* The Prize is that the winning design gets to go on a T-Shirt and the blog.

I hope to see a lot of good designs

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February 24, 2010 17 comments

Yesterday on the 23rd of February Me,Mick,Luca,Ping2, Ness, Amy and 4 more people went to play BB gun. We had to go to a different place because there weren’t enough guns for us. We arrived at that place and ended playing paintball but it was still and always fun. We had about 4 rounds of playing Paintball. A few people got injured badly. After Paintball we did ATV and that was also fun.

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Federer out

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Roger Federer has a 2 week layoff from tennis due to a lung problem that has made him withdraw himself out of the Exxon mobil Dubai Championships. The fans on all wish he will be back in action for the Indian Open [West Bengal] and the Indian Wells [USA] open-both approaching in March. The Indian Open will be played after the Indian Wells. The points you get from India is 500 and 1000 at the other.

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Action Comics no. 1 Sold at a Shocking Price

February 23, 2010 2 comments

A limited 1938 Action Comic featuring one of the first Super-Heroes Superman that is sold at an auction for a shocking 1 million dollars.  The condition of this comic is almost perfect (given a grade 8). There are only 100 copies of the comic of which 2 including this one are in very fine condition. The previous best price for a comic was $317, 200. Well actually, it is about what you think of the book rather than just the pricing of the books. For some Superman comic book collectors, this book/ comic is exceedingly valuable for them so they would do whatever it takes to buy it. Basically, this comic book is about Superman growing up and beating up baddies just like in the latest series but a little bit old-fashioned.

Click on the picture to view the comic.

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Luca and I

February 23, 2010 21 comments

Luca and I had some fun doing some things when he was sleeping over at my house so I suggested to him that we should make a video about something and we chose wrestling (fake) but no one go hurt. It’s funny also… Luca said we should put it on the blog…

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