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Hey Mr. Sam

August 16, 2011 10 comments

Hey Mr.Sam

Congratulations on reaching over 100,000 hits on the blog.  Have you moved from Nist if so where and so have I , I have moved to NJ. I am really enjoying it here :D.  We should really check up on the 6ss blog has gone way over the old 6ss expectations.



Please reply Johann 😀


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March 8, 2010 4 comments

What is a acronym. Well an acronym is 3 or 4 words that mean somethings .e.g BRB (Be right Back) That is an acrimony. Most people think acronyms are slang words. like wtv or G2g.

Some acronyms:

BRB (Be right Back)

G2G ( Got to got)

Wat (What)

plzz (Please)

WTV (What ever)

lol (Laugh out loud)

PSA ( Public Service Announcement)

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Design Competion-Website Design

February 24, 2010 16 comments

Hey 6ss

I would like you guys to take part in my design completion it is called website Design. If you don’t understand it look at mine it is called You Twitt face.

So you have to use website logos to make a really good design

The rules are:

* You can’t copy anyone else’s Design
* Be Creative
* Can be done by hand or computer.
* Due March 5th 2010 and must have a title
* Send it to me at: or
* The Prize is that the winning design gets to go on a T-Shirt and the blog.

I hope to see a lot of good designs

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Use a mac

February 2, 2010 2 comments

Hey 6ss I made a video about my mac please watch it and leave a comment any questions just ask. ENJOY!!

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The Final Version Of the Comic Episode 1: The Argument

February 1, 2010 3 comments

Here is the link to Episode 1: The Argument Please comment

Made By: Johann

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Comics Using Prezi

February 1, 2010 11 comments

Hi I just made a comic using Prezi. It has spelling mistakes in it because it is still a draft. I decided to share it with you because I want some feed back. Can you please look at this Prezi and five me some feed back on the layout the font etc. Please don’t tell me oh u spelt this wrong or there is no punctuation in this sentence. I already know that. Thank you for your time.

JPC Productions Comic EP:1

P.S You wont find much mistakes in punctuation. Mabey just in the layout?

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December 8, 2009 9 comments

WHEN U LOOK AT THIS VID YOU WILL THINK THAT THIS SET IS SOMETHING YOU DONT SEE EVERYDAY… I put this post up because it told a story about a future war witch aliens invaded a place in the galaxy .  That relates to my story that I am writing about.