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January 31, 2011 4 comments

This video is about the future and helped me get inspired to design the logo for the exhibition.

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The Week in Rap by Flocabulary

January 31, 2011 10 comments

This is a great way to find out about the main news stories around the world. Let’s start watching them regularly.

Which news stories in this week’s rap are about a shift in thinking? Can you explain why?

Homework: Choosing your focus

January 31, 2011 51 comments

We’ll be going for another walk tomorrow. This time, we are going to have a focus, something that we will be looking for. To make it really interesting, different people will focus on different things.

So, choose your focus. Make a comment to tell us which one you would like to focus on, and why.

  • How people earn money
  • What happens to rubbish
  • How people move around
  • What people buy and sell
  • Where people live
  • What and where people eat
  • How things are organized
  • People’s emotions



January 30, 2011 14 comments

I’m having a very good time in Tokyo. We’ve done lot’s of sightseeing but for me it wasn’t really boring like usual because I had my camera with me. You will start seeing new Photos appear in Flickr when I get back because I left my cable to upload Photos in Bangkok. Which set should I put  my Tokyo Photos in?

It’s really cold here but I like it that way, because the air is so fresh and it is really really clean air.

Tokyo is basically the opposite of Bangkok, everything is in order and the sidewalks are very very wide and most places in the city are very convenient for blind people.

In Tokyo all drivers totally respect all the pedestrians and are very careful towards them. Even as a biker they would be extremely careful of you even if you were bicycling in the middle of the road against the traffic direction, but if you did that in Thailand you would be dead within 2 minutes.

Japan is a very high-tech country. You should see the Toilets! They have a heated toilet seats and next to the Toilet seat they have a whole load of buttons with which you can get water sprayed at your but and then get it dryed again with a dryer that comes out of the toilet. I haven’t really been brave enough to press any of them yet because the buttons are in Japanese.

We usually travel by underground train there are 13 underground train lines and many many other train lines in Tokyo, but in Bangkok there are 3 BTS lines and 1 MRT line.

This is the view out of my dad’s breakfast room. The picture is not so good quality because I left my camera cable in Bangkok so I took a picture with the camera of our laptop.


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Year 6 Design Competition

January 26, 2011 5 comments
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Sitting for Collaboration

January 25, 2011 5 comments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These groups are sitting in shapes and formations that will help them to collaborate – to work together effectively.

Can you make a comment to explain why their shapes and formations are good for collaboration? Can you see any problems that might happen in their group?

What else is important for collaboration to work well?


January 24, 2011 40 comments