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Promo: The life with Bassy Ciocorelli

October 31, 2009 1 comment

This book will include stories about Bassy. Some might be the ones I know and some might be of your experience with the joker. This chapter book will also include his Biography [I know abit]. You guys might come in help again. This amazing jokes storybook will come to an end in year 4. [His departure]. If you guys want to help me make this book good, and you know some stories I dont know,


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Bassy Ciocorelli: Part 4

October 30, 2009 2 comments

This is funny but its a fact:

Bassy was very naughty in 1rn. But for a change he was manly too. His walking style changed since he came to my class. In 1rn, he used to walk like a man. Example: James Bond. When he came to 1gd, his walking style became so fragile and like he was heartbroken or he was breaking. Example: Mr.Bean or Loverboy. Since then, his walking style has been like that. Now that he’s in London, I absolutely have no idea about his style.

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What do you think of this?

October 30, 2009 7 comments

What do you think of what this man says?

Why do you think I have asked you to watch it?

What does someone else in your family think of it?

Has Thailand Always Been the Same?

October 30, 2009 1 comment

Khun Warunee came to 6SS today in order to run a special lesson all about Thailand. Our unit of inquiry is all about changes – changes in thinking and changes in the course of history – so Khun Warunee thought it would be fascinating to look at change from the perspective of Thailand.

Oct 30 001

What did you learn about the history of Thailand today? What surprised you? What did you already know? How is Thailand the same or different to other countries that you have lived in? Make a comment.

If you started taking action next week, what would you do?

October 30, 2009 32 comments


How will you get started on your action plan? Write about the first things you will do to make your action happen. Think about where, when, who and how. Make us believe that you really could do it.

About 10 min writing task

October 29, 2009 4 comments

well as you all know we did a 10 min writing task I wrote that the poor people need money or home they are living in the road or stairs of mrt or bts like Rosna and rimgim I want to have a gurp of helping homeless people or poor people so I really want to work and find out about it and have an idea and take actions. if you want to save people of sickness homeless cold and uncofident please help them. If you want to come and let’s be a helping poor people programe in nist please join in

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Bassy Ciocorelli: Part 3

October 29, 2009 1 comment


Bassy was very naughty at that time. He was actually in Ms. Rena’s class and not Ms. Gillian. He was forced to move due to being silly with his friend. When he first came to my class, he acted like he was a 1 year old kid. He didnt even know what was going on. His reaction made everyone laugh, including the girls and exactly 1 minute after the laughing started, he asked to enter the toilet. When he was in the toilet, he was making very silly noises. My best friend Po-Shun found out [with his sense of hearing] that Bassy was crying. He just yelled it out. After that the cry became clearer. and a lot more louder. He came out with his eyes all red. When he was in 1rn, the still had the good and manly style of walking. It changed to becoming sloppy and like a grandpa [It will be more specific in part 4]. His style of talking changed and his attitude changed. He made all enemies friends [even the ones who make fun of him and laugh at him like me] and he made all friends enemies. He said to his friends that they were “LOUSY” and useless. He said to all his enemies that they were “TOO FUNNY AND TOO GOOD” friends.

Part 4 will be presented tommorow and so will the promo of my book.



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