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How I’m Keeping My Exhibition Alive

Hi 6SS,

So to prove that I am still keeping my Exhibition alive I am going to tell you some things that I have done so far, so my Exhibition topic was bullying and I wrote a book about it and teachers like Mr. Bob, Ms. Moi, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Michelle bought it for their classes like Ms. Moi who bought 6 for group reading sessions with her class and like Mr. Bob who bought one and read it himself and then put it in his class for his students to read and they all really liked and now what I am focusing on is putting my book in the library and Ms. Jennifer and I have been sending e-mails back and forth I finally found out that my book will be in the library after the summer holidays and until then I have been going through my pre-order list and selling more books and I have been writing letters back and forth with a girl in Year 5 who read my book and has been sending me letters and people who read my book have also been sending me e-mails. Right now you might be thinking if I am still selling a few books why do I have a big box of books still in the class well, that’s because sometimes I can’t find the right time to sell more and I really need to organize myself about this since organization and managing my time is going to be very important next year. So I’m not pretending and my Exhibition is not a big joke, I’m committed into keeping my Exhibition going on even next year!

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