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Blogfolio Posting: Landmark Books and Reading Growth

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year and it is time for you to think back over the whole year and how your reading has come along during your time in Year 6. You have been given a lot of freedom to choose the kind of books you like to read and have also been expected to get good at choosing books that are “just right” for you. You have all really impressed me with your ability to read independently this year, and even the people who were not really readers at the start of the year are finishing the year very strongly.

So, create a Blogfolio posting to share the following information.

  • The best book you have read this year and why
  • The most challenging book you have read this year
  • A book you tried to read but gave up
  • The genres and authors you like and why you like them
  • How you use reading skills to do research
  • The Landmark Book you are reading at the moment and why it is a Landmark Book and not just any old book

Homework: What animal would you be?

May 24, 2012 20 comments

Now, don’t be confused here… I am not asking you what your favourite animal is! That would be very uninteresting indeed. I am asking you to think about yourself, your personality and your  behaviour and find an animal that is similar to you! IT IS NOT EASY. Believe me.

When you have thought about it deeply. Find a high quality image of the animal and create a JPEG with a description about why you and the animal are so similar. Make the description nice to read.

Here is mine:

Homework: The Important Things About You

May 23, 2012 2 comments

Create a JPEG using Powerpoint to do a “The Important Thing About Me” page for a “The Important Thing About 6SS” book.

Homework: What does this mean

April 30, 2012 18 comments

Read this quote and then make a comment to answer these questions:

  • What does this quote mean to you?
  • What “pebble” are you tossing into the world?
  • How are you hoping to inspire people?

Homework: Landmark Book

April 19, 2012 26 comments

You were asked to select and read a Landmark Book during the Songkran holiday. A Landmark Book represents who you are as a reader at the moment by:

  • Showing what genres interest you
  • Showing which authors you appreciate
  • Showing the level of book that is “just right” for you

On your Blogfolio, write a posting that tells us the following information:

  • The title, author and image of your Landmark Book
  • Why you chose to read that book and why it is a Landmark Book for you
  • What connections there are between this book and other books you have read

When you have finished, copy and paste the URL into a comment on this blog posting so people can find your work quickly and easily.

Homework – Asking conceptual questions

March 28, 2012 37 comments

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You did some amazing thinking today. It was really important that we revised the Key Concepts so that you could use them to full effect during the Exhibition. By the time we did the third set of photographs your questions were much, much more conceptual, more powerful and more interesting – you really seemed like you wanted to know the answers.

Make a comment to share the following information with us:

  • What were the most interesting questions you asked about the photographs?
  • Which questions did you really want to find answers for?
  • What questions have you created that will really help you become an expert on your spark?

Homework: Knowledge is Power

March 26, 2012 30 comments


This is a very old and well-known saying. But, what has it got to do with your PYP Exhibition? Well… it’s up to you to think about and explain that!

Make a comment and tell us:

  • How this saying is connected to the PYP Exhibition
  • What knowledge you will need to find out about your spark in order to make you powerful