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Stories That Inspired/Sparked You

March 2, 2012 26 comments

Hi everyone!

Today is the last day of book week and I thought we could share commments about books that inspired you and sparked you. Actually, I am also doing this because I want to know some really cool books to read. So do you have any suggestions?








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My Inspiration

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

I want to share some videos that are inspiring to me. I particularly like the one titled ‘Inspiration to Innovation’. The videos are about Boeing, which is my favorite jetliner manufacturer. I like Boeing because I think they provide more comfort than Airbus, Mcdonell Douglas, Bombardier etc. They also trust the pilot more instead of having the machine do all the work, which Airbus does. However, both have had accidents. The latest Boeing jetliner, the 787, which first flew with ANA(All Nippon Airways) uses Biofuel and strong composite materials for the fuselage.


February 2, 2012 Leave a comment


I want to share some inspiring videos with you. They mostly have the same message: never give up.

What inspires you?

January 31, 2012 142 comments

Think carefully about the following questions and then write a comment to share your thoughts.

  • What inspires you?
  • What people have inspired you through their actions, ideas or acts of creative expression?
  • What inspiring experiences have you had in your life?
  • What things are inspiring you at the moment?

Part B

Make a comment to tell us which thing or things inspire you to express yourself creatively. Also, share some ideas about how you might express yourself and why that would be a good way to do it.

Going for a walk

January 25, 2012 9 comments

So, tomorrow is our first walk around Bangkok. You will need:

  • A hat (your Camp hat would be best)
  • A camera
  • Shoes that are good for walking
  • 80 baht for a fresh fruit juice
  • A sense of adventure
  • A good, respectful attitude

Homework: Models and Diagrams of Pay it Forward

February 22, 2011 7 comments

“One big favour for three people, pay it forward”

Show us what that looks like with some cool, creative models or diagrams. How far can you take it?

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Homework: Reflecting on Arts Week

November 24, 2010 29 comments

How has Arts Week been so far? What have you enjoyed? What new skills have you learned? How have you been inspired? What would you like to do more? Who did you enjoy working with?