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Homework: Your Diet

May 28, 2012 15 comments

We watched videos about puberty in class t0day. One of the main things that was mentioned was having a healthy diet in order to help your body cope with the changes it will go through. So, I think it w0uld be really helpful if we had some information about what you all eat an drink during a typical week of your life. We’re not going to pick on anyone for eating badly, we’re just going to use the information for our inquiries over the next few weeks.

Create a visual to show what you typically eat and drink every week. Make sure your visual answers the following questions:

  • What do you eat for breakfast everyday?
  • What do you eat for lunch on a school day? At the weekend?
  • What do you eat at night?
  • What kind of snacks do you eat?
  • What and when do you drink the most?
  • How much water do you drink?

Make your visual good to look at and full of useful information. Create on a computer or by hand.



POTATOS! pronounced po-ta-to

November 17, 2011 6 comments

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Did you know it was so complex?

September 12, 2011 2 comments

What information were you surprised by?

What other things could be more complex than you thought?

What could go wrong if canteens were not well-organized?


Watch Part Four…

January 10, 2011 12 comments

As part of our unit about ideas and actions, we are watching the work that Jamie Oliver is doing in America.

Here’s the last part of Episode One of the Food Revolution. Watch it at home tonight if you have time:

Were your predictions about the children correct?

What challenge does Jamie face?

This week’s homework

December 13, 2010 38 comments

This week’s homework is quite simple. On Friday, to celebrate the start of the winter holiday, we are going to have a “banquet”… and you are going to do the cooking!

You need to cook a dish that you love, and that you would like everybody else in 6SS to try. Of course, you can have adult help, but get adults to teach you, not do it for you. The best is to get them to teach you one day, and then make it yourself the next day.

Criteria for the food:

  • Savoury food only – 6GD are preparing dessert
  • Try and cook things that are healthy and rich in vegetables
  • Think about how your fo0d is presented – make it look good as well as taste good
  • Don’t be too ambitious, simple food is often the most delicious
  • Don’t cook too much, just enough for each person to try
  • Make something that is easy to warm up, or doesn’t need to be warmed up

Make a comment to tell us what you are thinking about cooking and why…

This is the real way how to make mochi

September 27, 2010 9 comments

This is the real way to make mochi. Remember the game we played in music, well this video shows the real way with real sticks.

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Week One of “Brainfood”

August 27, 2010 6 comments

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We started off our “Brain Food Experiment” this week.

What did you think? Did it work for you? What effect did it have on your work and your levels of energy? What kind of food did you bring? What will you bring next week? What kind of food did you decide was not a good idea?