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February 2, 2012 Leave a comment


I want to share some inspiring videos with you. They mostly have the same message: never give up.


Try something new for 30 days

August 1, 2011 4 comments

here’s the link if the video does not work:

My dad showed me this video on It’s by Matt Cutts and it really inspired my to try something  new for 30 days.
Watch this video which is about trying something new for 30 days. Then comment on how you are doing and what you
are doing for 30 days.

Hope to see your comments.

What we’re doing now… Part III

May 12, 2011 1 comment

“6SS Dreams” – Quotes from our writing

September 15, 2010 46 comments

“I’m not actually sure about my dream. But I do think that I want to work in my mom and dad’s factory. I will try my best by learning from my mother and father to achieve my dream.” Pin

“I want to be an artist because you can be more creative and you can be famous!” Manisha

“If I don’t become a footballer I want to be a soccer coach. I want to be a soccer coach because I want to stay in touch with the beautiful game.” Aayush

“I want to be a designer because I like to choose things for other people.” May

“My dream is makes people healthy. That means I want to be a doctor when I’m older. I need medical skills, inside or outside body skills, I will learn with my body book, and learn in college.” YeaChan

“When my dream come true I will make underwater house and I will make the world biggest house ever. I will learn skills selling lands from my father.” Nine

“When I get older I want to be a pilot because pilots help transport people to new places and countrys and they can also do other things like help in a war or help save people.” Michael

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Paula created her own image!

September 6, 2010 31 comments

This weekend, Paula created this image for “effervescent” and emailed it to me. Here is her email:

Hi Mr. Sam,

after we have been doing some presentation lessons with Mr. Will I have gone home and looked for more pictures that were relevant. When I tried searching for bubbling soda water nothing really relevant to effervescent came up so I thought I could take a picture by myself.

I first tried with a small camera which didn’t really work at all so I asked my mom to help she said she’d help but we’d use the big camera (Canon 5D). I really trust her because she has taken a lot of good pictures (my dad as well) thats why they bought such a good camera. So my mom even changed the lense because we had a special lense that was especially for close ups and then I was pouring some soda water into a glass while she took pictures and I then worked on it in Picasa.

Hope you like it,


Teachers Taking Action

September 1, 2010 10 comments

In October all the elementary teachers and academic assistants at NIST will be working for Habitat for Humanity in order to build houses for people with no homes.

We will do all the work… but we need to raise money to pay for all the materials. Please help us raise the money by bringing in your loose change (that’s the coins that are in your pocket or lying in a drawer somewhere).

We need to raise as much money as possible so we can build some great homes for people who need them.

Bring coins and drop them in the buckets tomorrow morning!

Where did you put your reminder cards?

August 31, 2010 8 comments

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How are your goals going? Success or failure so far this week?