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Homework: Economy

March 31, 2010 38 comments

Mr. Adrian did an amazing job with his first ever Pecha Kucha today. He shared some of his personal history and why he is so fascinated by economics. He also made us think about the world and how economics is all about how we use the Earth’s resources and not just about money.

He spoke about balance and how our needs and wants should be balanced with what is available. Our problem today, it seems, is that we are “off balance”. We want so much more than the world can provide. He also said, and this is very important, that economics can offer solutions to all the world’s problems!

Balancing HDR by Jasen Miller.

Think about your issue. How is economics part of the problem? How could it be part of the solution? Are the problems of your issue caused by things being “off balance”? Explain your answers in detail.

Photo by Jasen Miller on Flickr

Homework: Well-being

March 31, 2010 49 comments

Ms. Ashley really made us all think with her wonderful talk this afternoon. She started off her talk by reading us the information in this table:

Imagine that you are 30 years old and that you are making a speech to an audience of 10 and 11 year old kids. What things would you put into the table? Make a comment and try and do as many as you can.

Explain this quote

March 30, 2010 20 comments

Time is on my side by littledan77.

“It is wonderful how much can be

 done if we are always doing.”

Thomas Jefferson

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Video Collage

March 29, 2010 1 comment

Hello I made a cool video collogue with motion. This is test. This will probably will not  e as good as my old ones because I am starting on a blank canvas.

Homework – Nature

March 29, 2010 17 comments

What Have I Done? by tropicaLiving.

Mr. Andy Dorn made a presentation about nature. He explained why nature is such a passion of his, and he shared some information about the way the future could go if we don’t start thinking about nature a lot more than we do. He made me think of the following questions:

  • How often do you connect with nature?
  • What connections are there between nature and your issue?
  • How does this quote by Mr. Andy relate to your issue?
“There’s so many of us and we all want so much stuff!”
  • Mr. Andy said that “nature is at the center of everything”. Is it at the center of your issue? Why? Why not?
  • How does the quote in the picture below relate to your issue?
Photographs by TropicaLiving and Evie22 on Flickr

Homework – Society

March 29, 2010 39 comments

Random Travelers' Society by wili_hybrid.

Today, Mr. Doug made a presentation about society. He spoke very honestly about his upbringing as a member of Maori society and the values that he has developed as a result. He spoke about the importance of the family, about the importance of listening to our elders and the importance of being part of a community. His talk made me think of these questions:

  • How important are families in your issue?
  • How important is your community in your issue?
  • How much do we listen to our elders?
  • How does listening to our elders fit into your issue?
  • What about your culture? Is there anything in your culture that is causing your issue to become worse? Is there anything in your culture that could create solutions to your issue?
Photo by wili_hybrid on Flickr

Motion Mania

March 28, 2010 5 comments

Hello 6ss here are some more intros or slogans (sound in all but 1) All made by MEEE

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