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Homework: What does this mean

April 30, 2012 18 comments

Read this quote and then make a comment to answer these questions:

  • What does this quote mean to you?
  • What “pebble” are you tossing into the world?
  • How are you hoping to inspire people?

PYP Exhibition Checkpoint#4

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

This video shows the students and parents of 6SS working together in their latest PYP Exhibition Checkpoint. The image below shows what the students were using as a guide for the Checkpoint. The parents were asked to focus on the students’ plans, what actions they are working towards and what actions they have already put in place.

Homework – making progress

March 29, 2012 36 comments

Tonight is really your only chance to prepare for tomorrow’s checkpoint. This has been a crazy week!

Tomorrow, I will be expecting you to do the following things:

  • Explain which key concepts you think will help you become an expert on your spark and why
  • Share the driving questions you have created so far and where you think you can get answers to those questions
  • Share some of the most interesting information you have found using those questions
  • Involve the adults that visit us tomorrow in conversations about your spark, the work you have been doing and progress you think you have been making
  • Find ways to involve them in your learning by asking questions and seeking advice

Make a comment to tell us what you plan to do tonight to make sure you’re ready for tomorrow.

Homework – Asking conceptual questions

March 28, 2012 37 comments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You did some amazing thinking today. It was really important that we revised the Key Concepts so that you could use them to full effect during the Exhibition. By the time we did the third set of photographs your questions were much, much more conceptual, more powerful and more interesting – you really seemed like you wanted to know the answers.

Make a comment to share the following information with us:

  • What were the most interesting questions you asked about the photographs?
  • Which questions did you really want to find answers for?
  • What questions have you created that will really help you become an expert on your spark?

Why is this a good presentation?

March 27, 2012 1 comment

What makes this a good presentation? What does he do well? Could you do this?

PYP Exhibition: Checkpoint#1

March 23, 2012 1 comment

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This afternoon was fantastic. You guys really nailed it, and your parents were an outstanding audience and brought so much knowledge and so many new perspectives and ideas into the Exhibition process. I am so glad that I had my Nikon camera with me today because I think it has helped me capture the atmosphere in the room this afternoon.

Share the photos with your parents, and if you want a high-quality copy of any of the photos you can download them from our Flickr account.

Homework: The role of trust in your life

March 22, 2012 22 comments

Write a comment to tell us about where trust fits into your life. In your comment, try and answer the following questions:

  • Do you believe you are a trustworthy person?
  • Who do you think really trusts you?
  • How do you know that people trust you?
  • How does being trusted have a positive impact on your life?
  • How can you earn more trust from people?
  • How can the PYP Exhibition effect the trust people have in you?

Pictures of the endangered ANIMALS

March 14, 2012 3 comments

Hey 6ss,

These are pictures of CRITICALLY endangered animals. (the ones in the LIST)

1. umatran Orangtun  (Indonesia)                                      2. Sumatran Tiger (Indonesia)




3. Lear’s Macaw (Brazil)                                                                    4. Brown Spider Monkey (Colombia, Venezuela)





5. Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog (Venezuela)                             6. Panamanian Golden Frog (Panama)




9. Golden-bellied Capuchin (Brazil)                                           10. Elegant Frog (Australia)





11. Orinoco Crocodile (Colombia, Venezuela)                                    12. Mountain Gorilla (Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo)

13. Golden Mantella (Madagascar)                                                       14. Eastern Red Colobus (Kenya)


15. Javan Rhinoceros (Indonesia,  Vietnam)

Homework: Discuss your spark at home

March 14, 2012 43 comments


Today, spend 10 minutes working out how to tell your parents what you think your spark might be now. Decide how you will explain it and what examples you will use to help them see what you mean. Prepare two questions to find out what they think is good and bad about your spark at the moment.

Then, tell them about your spark and ask them your questions. Try your best to turn it into a proper conversation, not just a rushed Q &A thing that you can’t wait to get over with so you can get away from them! Your parents are an important part of your Exhibition as they will have loads of ideas, suggestions, ideas and questions. Involve them now as you try and work out what is most important to you.

Make a comment to tell us about your conversations with your parents. Make the effort to make your writing detailed, accurate and interesting to read. Get your parents to read your comment and tell you if they agree with what you have written.

Ever Wondered What Your Name Meant?

March 13, 2012 9 comments

Did you ever wonder what your name meant? I have two different names. My really name is Gayoung and I asked my father who name me. He told me that my name is connected with Mandarin. Ga is Beautiful Ga and Young is corolla. So that means my name is a beautiful corolla. Now, I know the true meaning of my name and I appreciate it. The other name which is Vicky. My mom named me like this because she wanted me to be more strong and be to have a meaning of victory. I felt so happy I have parents that really care about me!

 So now, can you tell me your story and why your parents named you like that?  What do you feel about it?  Do you like it? Can you really feel and understand your name and are you going to be a person like that?  How do your parents think about your name?  Do they think you are a person like that?


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