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The Biggest Change In My Life!

September 30, 2009 2 comments

The big change in my life is that my mum divource with my dad. They now don’t see each other so often.  It was when I was 5 Years old. I was still in E.Y 2. Now I live with my mum and we don’t see my dad very often. After that we moved  to a new house. Now I live with my mum and brother. I think this should be the biggest change during my childhood.

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The Big Change!

September 30, 2009 1 comment

The biggest change that happened in my life was moving to a different country but the biggest change was moving from England to Thailand, Why? Because the weather in England is mostly is cold and if it rains it doesn’t rain so hard but Thailand is absolutely the opposite because it is very sunny but if it rains it rains it rains VERY hard! It was also a big change because I had to leave my friends and live in a different house. Another change related is changing schools because my old school was Dutch but NIST is mostly English. I allready knew how to speak English beacause before I lived in England I lived in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Denmark. I also knew how to speak english because my neighberhood was English but one of our neighbeirs were Dutch and that is the biggest change of my life. :0)

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Why Solar Pannels Interest Me

September 30, 2009 3 comments

Why solar panels interest me:

Solar panels interest me because they have not only good impacts but also bad impacts. For example:

 scientist have found a gas called NF3 inn solar panels which has 17,000 times the potential of trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere which increases global warming.

solar panels

they cost alot of money.

When they make solar panels they sometimes they have spare silicon( silicon is what solar panels are made out of) and they throw it away which poollutes they the earth.

If you have any questions put the question in the comments zone and will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this posting. :0)

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The BIG Cleanup

September 30, 2009 8 comments

We are about to start a new unit of inquiry, so we need our classroom to be a “blank canvas”. This means that it is all clear and ready for new, relevant things to go on the walls. I really believe that we shouldn’t have things on the wall if they are not relevant any more. Kids should be surrounded by the thoughts and ideas that mean something to them now.

I gave the kids a big list of things that needed to be done, and I gave them an hour and a half to do them. They really took the job seriously and took responsibility for clearing, tidying and organizing the room to suit their needs.

Kids… what did you do during the BIG cleanup? Make a comment to tell us.

Last weekend

September 29, 2009 2 comments

Last weekend I played Doraemon of board game and Wii with my father.  I won in the board game. But father won in the Wii. I think he is not good board game player.

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Crazy Holiday

September 29, 2009 1 comment

Asok sharatonOk my Mom got a free night at the Asoke Sheraton. So we came to the hotel around 3 o’clock. But then we had to go to a dinner party at my moms friends house at 5 p.m. So we went from our house to the hotel to our house to the hotel. It was so weird. Then in the morning we had  breakfast in a restaurant called Crepes and Company. I ordered a pancake with whip cream ice-cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce. It was like heaven. Then we were like the people from London we sat by the pool for 2 hours.  Then we ate curly frys and went swimming. We also read our books. Then we went home.

The big change

September 29, 2009 2 comments

The biggest change that has happened in my life was when I moved to Thailand. First of all I did not even know that Thailand existed.  But I was only 4 years old. This was a big move because for the last week of school in America we had to come home early. First of all I thought this was a holiday. When I came to Thailand it was like a whole new world. So  many  interesting things to do and see.

When my mom said there was a train here I jumped up and said” I want to train. I lived in the a big city. For the first time, and I used more public transport. I bought more fake items, such as games, and DVD’s. I went to an international school. I met and made friends with people from who come from all over the world. I learned how to play different sports such as rugby and cricket. I learned a different way. I learned how to use the computer more. I know more about video games. I am living in a apartment. I travel more to countries in Asia and I learning more about the world. I am eating more varieties of foods.

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