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Check out this cool video

May 20, 2012 1 comment

Hi guys,

I just came back from Australia today I would like you guys to view this video. Because I think it’s pretty cool


SongKran holiday

April 17, 2012 5 comments

Hi guys,

This holiday I went to Korea. I had lots of fun because we went to cool places with my family. We went to Nam-San tower where I went on the cable car to see the view on the top of the mountain Nam-San tower was famous for romance because the view is so beautiful. We went to Ever-land(Theme Park) Ever-land is famous for the breathtaking ride called T express the T express was really steep so I didn’t go on it but my sister and brother went on it and they said it was awesome! I didn’t regret myself about the T express cause it was scary. The other rides were good we spend the whole day at Ever-land. And also we went to a university to see the cafe called coffee prince it was famous because a Korean series was filmed there and there were yummy drinks there. There’s more places that I went but these ones was what I like best. I WISH YOU GUYS WILL HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY HAPPY SONGKRAN!
Here are some photos from Ever-land the second photo is the T express!!!! The 4th photo is the delicious ice cream I ate at lotte

Namsan Tower views and cable car

Taking actions during Songkran

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment


During your holidays what did you do? Well I had lunch with my friends, studing, Going to IKEA with Hannah AND went to SCAD  qith my family and Hannah. I interviewed Lindsay. I have been e-mailing her. She remenbered Tabs! I asked her questions about my project (Exhibition). She gave me a lott of informations. Tomorrow I am going to a hotel next to Paragon because my family wanted to get out of our house! The  hotel we are going to stay is next to Paragon. My mom told me that it might feel like we are in Germany when we are staying there! I am so excited!!

Where did you guys go or maybe where are you now?

Did you take action for your exhibition?

Are you splashing water?

Did you get splashed?  Well I didn’t YET!!!!

Anyway I hope you had fun!

Do you have pictures of you during the holidays? If Yes I would love to see them!!

The picture is from

Rabbit agility race?

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi guys,

On the holidays I found this article it’s very interesting because I’ve never heard about the rabbit agility race. The artical is about this rabbit called Cherie a Swedish bunny she took 11 second to jump across all the hurdles in a round. Approximately 3000 animals entered the show in Harrogate , England, which run over two days. This is a photo of the article.


My own made up story video :p

February 18, 2012 8 comments

I made my own video. Pictures of cats I know. I wrote some text in the video. Please give me feedback.

A creative way to use an I pad

February 5, 2012 4 comments

Hi guys….

Today, I went with my family for a dinner at a restaurant called Scoozi at Central Chidlom. They put their menu on an i pad. It’s so cool I think that every restaurant in Bangkok should have this it’s also good for the trees because we don’t have to cut them down to make the menu.

Chinese New Year

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

What did you do during Chinese new year?

I went to a shrine in China Town area to get a feel of authentic Chinese new year tradition. It was really crowded because people wanted to be lucky the whole year so they went to the shrine for merit making. Before we got back, I found and bought this dragon toy that moves a bit it also has that little Chinese drum attached to it. It costed 50 baht many people who come to pray buy the Chinese dragon toy for their kids the colors also glow in the dark which is pretty cool.