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Homework: The World When You Were a Zygote

November 25, 2010 35 comments

Interview your parents to find out what the world was like and what their lives were like when you were a Zygote!


New Goals for Gradual Release of Responsibility

September 20, 2010 47 comments

With your parents, spend some time looking at the Gradual Release of Responsibility diagram outside the classroom:

  • Explain how the diagram works
  • Share your cards with them by taking them off one-by-one and finding somewhere to talk about each one
  • Find out if they think your cards are in the right place on the GRR
  • Discuss how you can work together with your parents to progress
  • Decide on one or two goals for the next couple of weeks
  • Make a comment to tell us your goals and a bit of information about the conversations you had

Remember, make your goals:

Sustainable (you will carry on doing it)

Manageable (it is not too much to take on)

Achievable (you can achieve success with it)

Realistic (it is appropriate for you)

Timely (now is the perfect time to work on this goal)

“6SS Dreams” – Quotes from our writing

September 15, 2010 46 comments

“I’m not actually sure about my dream. But I do think that I want to work in my mom and dad’s factory. I will try my best by learning from my mother and father to achieve my dream.” Pin

“I want to be an artist because you can be more creative and you can be famous!” Manisha

“If I don’t become a footballer I want to be a soccer coach. I want to be a soccer coach because I want to stay in touch with the beautiful game.” Aayush

“I want to be a designer because I like to choose things for other people.” May

“My dream is makes people healthy. That means I want to be a doctor when I’m older. I need medical skills, inside or outside body skills, I will learn with my body book, and learn in college.” YeaChan

“When my dream come true I will make underwater house and I will make the world biggest house ever. I will learn skills selling lands from my father.” Nine

“When I get older I want to be a pilot because pilots help transport people to new places and countrys and they can also do other things like help in a war or help save people.” Michael

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Helping New Teachers Know You

June 7, 2010 14 comments

Learning by kevindooley.

About me:

Name/nickname, Birthday, Nationality

Countries they’ve lived in

How long they’ve  been at NIST

My Family:

Who they live with, how many siblings, pets…

What we are doing this summer…

The best thing about my family is…

Best part of Year 6 for me was:

Their favourite experience from Year 6…

My Exhibition topic was…

What they did in Year 6 to prepare themselves for Year 7…

My Year 6 teacher was ____ and they would describe me as….

Me as a student:

Strengths/favourite subjects…

Areas to improve on…

The best way my teacher can help me is…

My passions:

Activities/sports I enjoy are…

I like to read about…

I am really interested in learning more about…

My friends:

What I like best about my friends…

I hope in Year 7… (example: we stay friends, I make new friends, I have less problems with my friends…)

I try to be a good friend by…

Year 7:

What I’m most excited about…

What makes me nervous…

What I might need help with…(from teachers/parents)

What has the last 24 hours been like for you?

May 19, 2010 157 comments

This is a chance to tell us about your experiences in the last 24 hours, I think our audience will be interested to hear it. Make a comment to tell us about today from your perspective. Do not mention any names of people or political groups.


Homework: Reflections on Society

April 20, 2010 28 comments

Inevitables connexions by batega.

What are the “Key Connections” between your issue and society? Try and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. Think back to all the conversations and thinking you did today.

Impact of your issue on society

What is the impact of your issue on society? What problems is your issue causing to the society you live in? What effect is your issue going to have on the future of the society you live in?

Impact of society on your issue

What is the impact of society on your issue? What is society doing that is making your issue worse? Is society doing anything to make your issue better? Could the solutions to your issue come from society?

Society and your exhibition

How can you use the Society lens of the Compass in your exhibition to:

  • gather information
  • get ideas
  • collect data
  • understand behaviour
  • present your information
  • get people to “re:think”
  • start finding solutions to the issue
Photograph by Botega on Flickr

Steve Jobs Inspiration

December 2, 2009 6 comments

This was my homework but it was a really good piece of writing I wanted to make a post of my homework.

Steve Jobs inspired himself, which inspired other people, which inspired me.    Steve Jobs is the founder of the Apple Company. Steve Jobs amazed me with his life story. He got kicked out of his own company, but returned to lead it 10 years later. He wanted to change MUSIC, MOVIES, and COMPUTERS AND HAND HELD TECHLOLOGY. He has survived liver cancer and two near deaths. Well he did.

Apple owned Pixar animation studios they made one of the best animated movies of all time “ Finding Nemo”. After making 864 million dollar from the movie, Apple sold Pixar to Disney.

In that same time he had incredible ideas. The Mac, the iPod, music ect. All the Apple product ideas came from him. Steve Jobs is the Di Vinci of our time. He thought of things that other people could never  think of such as, fitting a 120gb hard drive in an iPod. That right there is amazing. Steve jobs inspired me with his life story he NEVER GAVE UP HOPE, HE COULD ALWAYS FIND AN ANSWER. WITHOUT HIM THE WORLD WOULD BE LOST. HE IS THE CEO OF THE DECADE. Steve Job’s friend said this about him: “Steve is a billionaire that would rather spend most of his money on the best Apple product ever than the best house in the world”.  HE WANTED TO HELP. HE MADE A DIFFRENCE IN THE WORLD…

This written and edited by Johann De Silva