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Top 10 Movies of 2009

December 29, 2009 13 comments

Hi guys, since some people have showing their interest in movies, I have decided to put a list of the 2009 top 10. It is stated below:

1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

3. 2012

4. Terminator Salvation [T4]

5. Harry Potter and the half blo0d prince

6. GI Joe

7. Star Trek

8. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

9. Avatar

10. UP!!

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Chelsea survive scare

December 29, 2009 2 comments

Tottenham 2-0 West Ham [Modric 11, Defoe 81]

Blackburn 2-2 Sunderland [Bla: Pedersen 53, Diouf 77 Sun: Bent 52 and 65]

Chelsea 2-1 Fulham [Che: Drogba 72, Smalling 74-OG Ful: Gera 4]

Everton 2-0 Burnley [Vaughan 83, Piennar 90]

Stoke 0-1 Birmingham [Jerome 50]

Wolverhampton 0-3 Man City [Tevez 33, Garrido 69, Tevez [2] 86]

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Small Steps

December 28, 2009 9 comments

As you all know Mr. Sam read us the book called Holes. Yesterday I was at the book store and found out that there was a continued story after the book “Holes” called “Small Steps”. If you are interested in Holes I advice that you should try reading this book.


Two years after being released from Camp Green Lake, Armpit is home in Austin, Texas, trying to turn his life around. But it’s hard when you have record and everyone expects the worst from you. The only person who believes in Armpit is Ginny, his ten year old disabled neighbor. Together they’re learning to take small steps. Armpit seems to be on the right path until X-Ray’s moneymaking plan leads Armpit to a chance encounter with teens pop sensation Kaira Deleon. and suddenly Armpit’s life spins out of control. Only one thing is certain: he’ll never be the same again.

I have already bought the book and already started reading it. 🙂

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Saturday Soccer Results

December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Fulham 0-0 Tottenham

Birmingham 0-0 Chelsea

Burnley 1-1 Bolton [Bur: Nugent 56 Bol: Taylor 29]

Man City 2-0 Stoke [Petrov 28, Tevez 45]

Sunderland 1-1 Everton [Sun: Bent 17 Eve: Fellaini 85]

Wigan 1-1 Blackburn [Wig: Rodallega 53 Bla: McCarthy 30]

West Ham 2-0 Portsmouth [Diamanti 23-P.K., Kovac 89]

Liverpool 2-0 Wolverhampton [Gerrard 62, Benayoun 70]

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My Trip To Japan-Kyushu, Fukuoka

December 26, 2009 9 comments

This is the Sea and hell spring I went in Beppu

Over the holidays, I went to Japan, Kyushu, Fukuoka. It was really cold especially if you go up the mountains. I also went to Beppu, another place in Kyushu. The hot spring at Beppu is very famous. I went to the sea-hell spring and it was very awesome. There were 3 springs (but your only allowed to watch), the first was aqua blue and the second was red and the last was pure mud. Some people call the 2 springs “heaven and hell spring” because of the color.

Everyday, I had to were at least a long sleeve shirt, 1 jacket and another very thick coat on top (And I was still very cold). I also wore 2 pants and 2 pairs of socks. Every meal was very delicious. I often eat so much that I was very full. Later on I would sometimes eat little snacks because of the cold that made me digest the food very quickly.

I also went to many more places such as Huis Ten Bosch (the Netherlands Village), Umino-Nakamichi aquarium, Cuddly Dominion zoo,  Harmony Land (Sanrio land),  Mt. Surumi and Canal City.

This is the Aquarium I went to

This is the Netherlands Village (Huis Ten Bosch)

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x-mas in Korea

December 26, 2009 3 comments

hello guys Iam in my father’s hometown (it’s country side) called “gangwondo” and I am celebrating christmas with my uncles and cusins and last my fathers’ s mom wich ismy grandmather  they are so polite andvery kind andvery nice and frendly. it’s country side hereso It’s colder then seoul but it’svery butiful here I like another In in city I feel clean and polite It’slot’s of tress and moutines and not poliuted  I like this feel I hope Iwant to stay here forever      this is the poemabout my  feelhg  
freash freash air that make me pureful  
carry me away to realxble
very friendy friendly peoples like my family
carry me away to there hearts
make me make me stay      
this Is gangwondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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Tessellations in Brisbane

December 25, 2009 4 comments


My wife, Kelli, and I took our little girls to Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art. There was an exhibition of amazing tessellations by an Indian artist. We ould create our own patterns and then email them to ourselves. I found out that there is a great website… take a look:

Patterns of Infinity