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Homework: Questions about next year

May 15, 2012 55 comments

You will be having some more sessions with Y7 teachers and students , so that you can find out more about what life will be like in Year 7. They would like to know what your questions are so that they can answer them really well for you.

What questions do you have about next year?

Make comments to share your questions, add on to other people’s questions or even answer some of them!


Homework – Asking conceptual questions

March 28, 2012 37 comments

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You did some amazing thinking today. It was really important that we revised the Key Concepts so that you could use them to full effect during the Exhibition. By the time we did the third set of photographs your questions were much, much more conceptual, more powerful and more interesting – you really seemed like you wanted to know the answers.

Make a comment to share the following information with us:

  • What were the most interesting questions you asked about the photographs?
  • Which questions did you really want to find answers for?
  • What questions have you created that will really help you become an expert on your spark?

Am and Julien-Exhibition Topics updated

February 22, 2011 2 comments

We are continuing on our task of asking people about their choices of topics for the upcoming Exhibition. We used the same question of ‘if the Exhibition was tomorrow, what topic would you choose?’ but this time we added a sentence before saying a question and it is ‘remember last time we asked you about your exhibition topic? Well we are updating so did you change your mind of stay the same?’
This time most people took slightly longer to think and we reminded them of their old topic, so they got the question quickly after a reminder.
The results were…

Shikhar-Illegal Immigrants
Paula-Framed Photography on the NIST campus
Sae-Yeon, Ken-Water Shortage and problems
Jin, Anirudh, Yea-chan-pollution
May-Homeless people
Odette, Manisha-Plastic waste
Jon, Johan-Beggars
Pimboon- Flooding
Samantha-Photography on Positive and Negative nature
Gabi-Photography on how Thai peoples’ lifestyle and Thailand’s Nature
Terrie, Am-Rubbish in Thailand
Aayush- Children’s’ rights
Paul, Julien- Kids on Sukhumvit (window wiping, homeless, etc.)
Michael-Kids education in Thailand
Pin-Kids in poverty’s Education

Again we would to raise up a conversation to make it interesting and we would like to see the reasons of your topic…
1. Did you change your topic? Why/Why not?
2. How did you come of your topic?-have you always had the passion of it?
3. Why do you think that you would want to work with the topic you chose and what issues are in your topic?

Exhibition Topics_Julien&Am

February 11, 2011 13 comments

Am and I (Julien) have been going around class and asking people what topic they would like to do for the exhibition. We asked:”if the exhibition was tomorrow, what would you like to work on?”

We gathered the answer up; and got the results…

Paul-Kids walking on streets, wiping windows, etc.
Shikhar, Paula, May-Poverty
Johan, Sebi-Poaching
Aayush, Julien-Childrens’ rights in Thailand
Gabi-Street Vendors
Anirudh, Jin-Pollution
Ken-Water; Acces to clean water and sustaining it
Michael, Pin-Education in Thailand
Odette, Manisha-Plastic waste

If you can, please make a comment of why you chose that topic, the issues about it, and what you are going to do about and we can raise up a conversation.

Thinking hat activity

June 2, 2010 1 comment

Mr.Will didn’t make any more thinking hat activities for us to do so I thought I should make one.

Here it is:

(This isn’t easy)

Pattern 1   Pattern 2         Pattern 3                  Pattern 4

212                 2112112        2111211121112     211112111121111211112

How many number 1 and number 2 will pattern 30 have?

What will pattern 30 look like?

Homework Part Two: Well-Being

April 22, 2010 45 comments

Waterfall by Lel4nd.


  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Education
  • Satisfaction
  • Quality of life
  • Work

How does your issue affect the well-being of the people in our community? How could people’s well-being be improved?

If you were able to change the problems of your issue and make the situation better for the well-being of our community, would anybody else’s well-being be affected? What could be done about that? How could it be avoided?

Photograph by lel4nd on Flickr

Human Continuum – The Value of Our Issues

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Watch the video again. Make a comment and describe some of the conversations you had while trying to make the continuum.