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Be very proud…

March 30, 2011 11 comments

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Here’s the first slideshow of today’s PYP Exhibition taking place. You guys were all fantastic. I am proud of you all because:

  • You all took today very seriously and did your jobs like professionals
  • Each one of you showed your audience exactly who you are as people and as learners
  • You all showed that you have come a long way, in your own way
  • You believed in yourselves and the messages you wanted to convey
  • You behaved brilliantly

See you tomorrow!



Tired from exihibition

March 30, 2011 3 comments

Exhibition was so tiring today (first day of exhibition) the way to cure that is to drink more water that helps but luckily I’ve got julien to help me but when I looked at him he was a lot tired than I was he was on the floor with his eyes half closed helpfully I helped him and gave him a glass of water or more and that hopefully helped so remember…… drink more water!

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Advice from your Teacher

March 28, 2011 44 comments

YeaChan – Get as much information as you can on to your infographic. Tomorrow you MUST focus on printing it out and sticking it together so it looks good.

Anirudh – You need to make up for the fact that you have really not done much work at all for about a week. Be out the front of the school tomorrow, as you said you would. Then, be ready to give ideas and to help Pimboon as much as you possibly can.

Sebi and Johan – Get your videos finished as well as you can. Check them to make sure you can actually follow the story properly. Make sure you can really get people to understand the message of your exhibition.

Aayush – You need to get those pictures put up in the Cafeteria. You also need to try and get the music sorted out. Tomorrow! Then, make some decisions about how you are going to tell the story of your work.

Samantha and Paula – You need to create some resources to help you show that your plants are supposed to become part of a NIST Oasis or Orchard or Jungle or something!

Michael and Jin – Your video looks excellent. Just make sure you are happy with it. Also, start making some plans for how you can share it with a really wide audience – how can you get as many people as possible to watch it?

SaeYeon and Ken – You URGENTLY need to work out what you will put on display so that you can show what you have done. Sticking up random bits of paper WILL NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH.

Pimboon – You are in real danger. You have had an amazing year so far, but it could all come crashing down at the last minute. Be strong, be determined and use your amazing talents to rescue the situation,

Gabi – You will need to display your poster designs so that they look fantastic. Then, make sure you’re ready to talk like an expert about your issue.

Pin – Your work is simple. Stick your messages and keyboards on your laptops. Get the background created. Finished!

Shiku – You need your portraits in school tomorrow. Then you need to make sure your Cricket Club plans are on track so that you can speak honestly and knowledgeably on Wednesday.

Odette – Your movie really needs to tell the story of people who make the most of their opportunities and people who don’t. Can you make sure it does that?

Julien – Mr. and Miss Hydration need to be finished, standing up and ready. You need a plan for how you will speak to people, take their photos, print them out and stick them up.

Manisha – You need to work MUCH HARDER. I just can’t believe you only managed to stick those few things on that sheet of paper today. You need two more comic strips at least.

Jon – I am hoping you amaze us all with your work tomorrow. I hope you can create an impact with a huge plate showing a balanced diet. Will you be able to do it?

Am – You need to make sure you have a great background ready for your book signing booth.

Terrie – You need to get some help from Ms. Siew and go to the Printing Office to get one copy of your book in each language.

Paul – You need to seriously practice doing your TED Talk. I really don’t have any idea what you achieved today as every time I came to see you I found you chatting with other people.

Nine – I like the song idea very much. But, are you actually going to be able to play it and sing it? If not, forget it and continue practicing your presentation.

May – You need your background. Then you need to practice doing the quiz with people so that you know what to say when they get their results.

Exhibiton: Choose a different ending: start

March 25, 2011 14 comments

This is a video that me and Sebi made. It’s about friendship issues and how small little choices can make a massive affect on people.

We decided to make a different kind of video called “Choose a different ending”.
Enjoy the video:)

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Exhibition Invitation

March 24, 2011 1 comment
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Checking in with the David Hicks’ Questions

March 24, 2011 28 comments

Today, you had discussions with a partner using the David Hicks’ questions. This will really, really help you have conversations with parents and other visitors. Now, to help you even more, I would like you to write your answers to the David Hicks’ questions for homework.

So, spend some time really thinking about your answers… maybe type them up in Word first, and then paste them into comments on this posting. Here are the questions:


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Homework: Getting ahead

March 23, 2011 40 comments

What can you do at home today to get ahead with your PYP Exhibition work? Do something that outs you further ahead with your work than you were when you left school today.
Make a comment to tell us:

  • What you did
  • Why you chose to do that
  • How you can prove that you did it

So… what are you waiting for?