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Catalonia Deciding to Ban Bullfighting

July 29, 2010 8 comments

What do you think of this? I went to a bullfight in Spain when I was about your age. It made me and my Mum very upset and quite sick. What do you think about the debate going on in Catalonia, a very wealthy and important part of Spain?

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July 25, 2010 7 comments

Hey guys,
It has been about 2 months of school here. It is really hard but I am coping up. I made a couple of new friends. We don’t get much time to play anything because the first break has 15 mins and 2nd break has 5 mins. Some good news is that I have been chosen from our class (52 people) to speak on a debate held on 13th or 14th August. That’s all for now.

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6SS Movie Trailer

July 21, 2010 4 comments

Hello Everyone,

Remember the movie that I was about to show at the end of the year, well, the trailer has come out and the movie is being made out of the videos that my dad has been taking over the year.


What are the past adventures in YEAR 6SS that you remember?

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How we met Ranvir :)

July 13, 2010 2 comments

So, Amy and I have been spending most of our summer together. Rosna, Amy, Nikki and I went to watch street dance together.
Yesterday, we went to SuperStar Acdemy to do this club thing called Glee. It’s not like the Glee t.v show but we just sing, dance and act from 10am-5pm, Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks.
And on our second day the Wells school bus comes and students steps out of the bus. It’s the wells summer camp. After that, Amy saw Ranvir here, he was doing the summer camp aswell:) Although he was doing the not same activity as us. He came to learn singing and dancing.

What have you done this summer??

Ness and Amy 🙂

Holland to meet Spain in WC Final as Uruguay and the ‘Nazis’ square off for third

July 10, 2010 9 comments

Octopus Paul has chosen Spain to win the World Cup and hasnt been wrong  yet so far but his sister Pauleen, has chosen  Holland to lift the cup and she hasnt been wrong either so far. Who will be wrong for once? The duo have both backed Germany to come in third.

P.S. The Germans are nicknamed the Nazis for their style of playing [rough and tough]

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We Were Klosed

July 4, 2010 5 comments

Since I was cheering Argentina yesterday, I decided to copy the English papers but instead of We were Muellered, We Were Klosed.

Germany played ruthless football to beat Argentina 4-0 with Thomas Mueller scoring in the 2nd minute. Miroslav Klose got his first of two goals with a fine coordinating set-piece-he looked offside though. Surprising Arne Freidrich came on the scoresheet with Bayern playmaker Bastian Shweinsteiger passed to him in the box. Klose finished it in the last minute sending the Germans through. They will next play Spain, who beat Paraguay 1-0 with David Villa scoring in the 82nd minute.

Holland will play Uruguay on the 6th of July.

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Holland come back from behind to stun 5 time champs Brazil

July 3, 2010 2 comments

Holland were the first team to reach the semifinals when 2 amazing Wesley Sneijder goals in 15 minutes drowned Brazil. Holland next face Uruguay-they ended African hopes 4-2 on penalties. The Brazilians broke through first when Robinho blasted a low drive past Maarten Steklenburg in the Dutch goal. Holland showed their true potential in the second half as a Wesley Snejder freekick hit the top of Filipe Melo but it counted as an own goal. The second goal came in the 70th minute with Wesley Sneijder scoring again this time from an Arjen Robben corner which Liverpool star Kuyt flicked it for him to easily put it past Julio Cesar. Filipe Melo was then sent off for a nasty tackle and a step on Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben.

Today: Argentina vs Germany 9pm Cape Town Stadium

Spain vs Paraguay 1:30 am Durban Stadium or Moses Mahibda Stadium

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