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Stefan’s Skate Clinic

May 1, 2012 Leave a comment


On Friday April 27 I had a skate clinic for the year 4, 5 and sixes.

Here is the video…


How to Guides! (homework)

October 4, 2011 5 comments

This is a video that shows you How to dress for school, and this is relevant to the HOMEWORK!

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Cool little video, very relevant!

August 17, 2011 8 comments

Tammy’s Dad emailed me this video. Watch it and then make a comment to respond to my questions.

  • What do you think about this advice?
  • What things in this video do you already do?
  • What things could you start doing now?

Your journey home…

August 15, 2011 20 comments

Tell us about your journey home during/after the rain today!

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How we met Ranvir :)

July 13, 2010 2 comments

So, Amy and I have been spending most of our summer together. Rosna, Amy, Nikki and I went to watch street dance together.
Yesterday, we went to SuperStar Acdemy to do this club thing called Glee. It’s not like the Glee t.v show but we just sing, dance and act from 10am-5pm, Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks.
And on our second day the Wells school bus comes and students steps out of the bus. It’s the wells summer camp. After that, Amy saw Ranvir here, he was doing the summer camp aswell:) Although he was doing the not same activity as us. He came to learn singing and dancing.

What have you done this summer??

Ness and Amy 🙂


May 12, 2010 7 comments

Hi everyone, on Thursday I am going to harvest this lot of hydroponics vegetables. This crop is not big because of the heat so all the vegetables will be given to people instead of selling. Please come and help me afterschool, it won’t take long you guys can just bring a bag or container to take some of vegetables home and eat them in return. Also on Friday please come and help me clean the hydroponics kit afterschool.

Thursday School Closed

April 7, 2010 25 comments

On Thursday the school is closed. (Tomorrow). It is closed due to the Red shirts and what they did today.

No Splash Day !!!!!!!!!!

No School!!!!!!!!!