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Changing Our World

October 29, 2009 22 comments

Yesterday, I challenged you to do a ten minute writing task. You had to think about a serious question – what would you like to change about the world you live in? You then had to follow the writing proces – in only ten minutes – in order to answer the question. The process was:

  • Think/brainstorm
  • Plan
  • Write first draft
  • Revise
  • Edit
  • Get someone to proofread

Now you need to publish your writing by making a comment on this posting.


Bassy Ciocorelli: Part 2

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

This is another story about Bassy:

One day on the bus, Bassy was sitting and eating his snack. Suddenly he just wanted to go to the toilet. How can you go to a toilet if there is no toilet in the bus? The answer is simple. Just pee on the road. Anyway, whats the problem with peeing on the road when the Indian people do that. It does cause pollution. Bassy just started going, ‘ehh ehh! I want to go to the toilet” This wasnt party time. The people on the bus laughed like mad and the bus monitor was furious with the reaction Bassy was giving. The driver just said, ” go pee on the road. Hurry up!” He was furious like the bus monitor too. He was right because other parents might be worriying about the time that the kids are taking to get home. I bet you Bassy’s mom was also worried about her silly son [I should say]. He peed peed on the road and again the same thing happened. The boys started laughing like mad and the girls were howling like wolves and like they belong to the mental asylum. Bassy made the biggest mistake of his life and I bet you once again that he’s having nightmares and that he cant sleep due to this very funny incident. He forgot to close the door and guess what, the pee smelt so bad that it reached the person sitting right at the back [hopefully it was a girl]. Bassy returned to his seat like nothing happened. Everyone kept on staring at him and guess what he said “What’s youre problem”.  It was so hilarious. I’M VERY SORRY FOLKS BUT THE TALE OF BASSY CIOCORELLI ENDS HERE. PART 3 WILL BE PRESENTED TOMORROW.

P.S. I’m making a book about Bassy called ‘The life with Bassy Ciocorelli

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Organizing Rooms for Kanchanaburi

October 28, 2009 3 comments

This afternoon the students made decisions about the rooms they would sleep in when we go to Kanchanaburi. I decided to make their decisions more complicated than just choosing to share rooms with their best friends. I gave them the following criteria:

  • There must be at least two nationalities per room
  • They must not share a room with people they always hang out with
  • They must be open-minded about who they share with
  • They must bear in mind the fact that there will be room inspections twice a day and they will have to work well together as a team
  • They must not share a room with people they will argue with

In the end, I was really pleased with the choices the kids made.

How do you feel about the choices you made? Make a comment to tell us your feelings.

Karam and his Dad

October 28, 2009 1 comment


During his 3 Way Conference, Karam said that he wanted to learn about algebra. We decided that Karam’s Dad would come into school to learn about a fantastic method for introducing people to algebra that I learned from an amazing Mathematics in the PYP Workshop run by Mignon Weckert. It involves making patterns, applying numbers to the patterns, finding patterns inside the numbers and then creating rules and formulas. Today, Karam created the following formulas:

Next Green = Last Green + 3 (NG = LG +3)

Next Yellow = Last Yellow+ 2 (NY = LY + 2)

Next Term = Previous Term + 9 (NT = PT + 9)

Keep an eye out for more developments in Karam’s algebra on this blog!

The Trick or Treat song!! By: Kids all around the world

October 27, 2009 3 comments

Hello, Halloween is nearly coming and I want to celebrate with a trick or treating song that i learned from kids everywhere I go.


Trick or Treat!! Smell my feet!!! If you dont, I don’t care I’ll just pull your underwear!!!


HaHaHa!!!    I think that’s sort of funny… and yes I know it’s really short.




Do you have any other famous Trick or Treating songs? Tell us or make a Blog posting about it!

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Bassy Ciocorelli: Part One

October 27, 2009 3 comments

Some people know the person who most people laughed at due to his style until he left at the stage of year 4. His name was Sebastien Ciocorelli but he prefered to be called Bassy [the stupid name]. Here is a part of my experience with Bassy Ciocorelli:

One day in a peaceful Ms. Gillian class was a funny guy… or I should say joker named Bassy Ciocorelli. He wanted to go to the toilet. At that time there was a toilet in the classroom which now belongs to WL teacher, Khun Victoria. When we enter the toilet, we must put the “occupied sign” since there was no lock. Bassy entered the toilet and “forgot” to put the occupied sign on. He was dreaming because everyone was shouting, “Bassy, you forgot the sign”. Anyway, it was his loss. One person didnt know that Bassy was in the toilet and that was a girl named Claire. She was drinking water so she didnt know about the conversation. Since the vacant sign was on, Ms. Gillian totally forgot that Bassy was in the toilet but I knew. I just wanted to see the fun and what would happen [I know, its a little bit nasty]. Ms. Gillian told her that she could go and then, the fun started. She opened the door and guess what, Bassy was “POOING ON THE POT. HIS MULTICOLORED UNDERWEAR WAS CLEARLY VISIBLE” All the girls went mad and started screaming and howling like they were belonging to the mental asylum. Sujinna, Amy and Rosna were among the howling girls, including Ms.Gillian. The boys started laughing like mad. Kabir and I had the loudest of laughs.


Part 2 will be presented tommorow

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PROMO- Fulham vs. Liverpool 31 October

October 26, 2009 4 comments


On the 31st of  October Fulham will be against Liverpool at the Craven Cottage Stadium. I think this Match will have some good times and perhaps some bad ones too.  I think most of the people that look at this blog might not watch the game because the game will be in 31st of October (Halloween).

Who do you think might win in this match???

Comment and tell us!

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