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October 7, 2009 3 comments

Do you have a question that is about my influence? Well, I have a new one that I am trying to learn from. The thing that interests me most is the instrument that my dad plays: the Trombone.I am pretty influenced by it because it sounds very good when 4 people play it in a band. My dad plays it and it sounds very admirable and powerful. I am going to play it when I turn 11 so that my arms are long enough and also for my teeth is needed to be more firm.

What musical instrument can you play?

Tenor Trombone.
How to hold a Trombone.
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Task-C Photography

October 7, 2009 2 comments

I chose to take a picture of  GAINT TENNIS BALL.  I took a picture of this because I like to play tennis i love giant and cool things. This is a good photo because most people will not take a picture of this. The item is also very unike itemIMG_0968

Cool Pictures… At Home!!

October 7, 2009 2 comments

I was taking pictures of the garden in my house and in some pictures I realized had very cool negative spaces take a look at them.

What do you think about them?DSC02253 What can you see in the negative space?DSC02259DSC02260DSC02255

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Influence homework

October 7, 2009 3 comments

Mike%20Blair1The person who influences my life is proberly Mike Blair because…

he is one of my favourite rugby players who I look up to and who i want to be when I grow up. He has been able to have influence because if seen him on T.V and I play the same position as him in rugby, There are lots of other people but i wanted to tell you about him

Who Has Influenced Me

October 7, 2009 1 comment

My mom and dad have influenced me by helping me talk, give me hints, give me constructive feedback and even by swearing etc. My brother has influenced me by acting like a normal 7 year old and I’ve forgoten what it feels like to be a 7 year old. My friends have influenced me by making me feel comfortable and now I can make other people feel comfortable. Thanks guys.  :o) Now my teachers, they have taught me new things and helped me be smart and not feel odd just like my friends that is why I am me.  Thanks everyone.

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Taking Pictures at Home

October 7, 2009 1 comment

Today, for homework, I did task C-photography. I took many pictures but I like this one the best. It is a picture of of a fish facing towards me. It took me a very long time to get the right angle for the picture.


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My sister meets Vin Diesel

October 7, 2009 4 comments

So here’s the story:

As most of you know, my sister is married and is now 23. She just went to Europe for her honeymoon with her husband [my brother in law]. When the 2 reached London, they roamed about on Oxford Street, England. When they were about to cross the road, a grey Ferrari pulled up the driveway. Through the window, my sister looked at that man. The man opened the window and guess what, it was the fast and furious superstar Vin Diesel. They said hi and just before my sister was to ask for an autograph, the traffic light turned green. Just Imagine. the light turns green and Vin Diesel rushes of. So the conclusion is, she met Vin Diesel, no autograph but photo. And would all of you believe all of this happened on the middle of the road at a red light.

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