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taking pictures at school

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I have chosen to take the sign of falcons because I love sports and I chose to take some plants. These choices say about me by I like sports and I sort of like nature. A good picture should have a interesting object and items, so it can look interesting and there should be an angle that is creative. Also pictures should have a balance of objects, colors.

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Who Has Influenced Me?

October 8, 2009 5 comments

My grandpa is the person who influenced me. He is a hardworking person and a very nice person. Before when he was very young he lived in China. My great grandpa was the head of the family. But then my great grandpa died when he was about 30-39 years old because of a bad disease. Long ago medical treatment wasn’t as good as what we have today. My great grandma then decided to move to Thailand to find jobs. When we moved there we weren’t very rich. But my grandpa worked hard from day to night for a very long time. My great grandma and grandpa then strated a business what just one weaving machine.To make fabric and sell it. Now we have a big business on fabric and cotton and a company called South-East Textile Co Ltd. Now we have quite a lot of money because of my grandpa. He has influenced me because I want to be as hardworking and successful as him.


Me and my grandpaDSC02229

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Up at the pool 012I think this picture shows that I like swimming and I’m not scared to open my eyes under water. I think it also shows that I am fun.  You scared?  Don’t be its just a little sting.

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I’m influenced by my mom because she was the one who let me try new things. She always tried to persuade me. Without my mom I would have missed a lot of things in life like she was the one who would do things I wanted like dancing. She would try to  find teachers to come and teach me we did a lot of activities together. She also taught me a lot almost everything I know.

DSC07348This is a picture of my mom.

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Pictures taken at home.

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These pictures are very bright and they look like the impressionists that we have been learning about in art class. This is whenever everybody looks at a picture or surface, the eyes see one color. But when you look closely at the surface, it is actually lots and lots of shades. These are some examples of the photos I took. 

How many shades in the water at Klong Padun Krung Kasem?
The Sky having many shades next to my house?

What colors do you see?

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October 8, 2009 3 comments

I am influenced by the tennis star and world no.1 Roger Federer. He has influenced me by making me want to become a good tennis player like him. The main part that I want to learn from him is to never give up even when youre no 2 for 1 year [he was]. I also want to become calm like him and not impatient like most of the time. He is my role model and my new goal is to become calm like him. Hopefully I can achieve that later in my life.