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Ottawa, Canada

July 24, 2011 9 comments

Hey guys, how’s your holiday? For me, my holiday is awesome. Today is my last day at Ottawa, the capitol of Canada. During this trip, I went to many, many places. I have tons of photos and memories.
During these 18 days at Canada, I also went to Toronto, the capitol of the province Ontario and I have been to Quebec province and city.
At Ottawa, some popular places I went to are: Calypso water park, Centre Block, Rideau hall and many more.
I’m staying at my cousins place. I came to Ottawa because my family decided to pay a visit to my cousins. They live here because their father is a diplomat, and he has to work in many countries. My cousins came here 2 years ago, and they will go back to Thailand in 1-2 more years.

At Quebec, the main highlight was when I went to St. Anne canyon. A canyon is like a series of rocky waterfalls. It’s really big and pretty hard to describe!

I also went to Niagara falls (the east side). That is the reason why I went to Toronto-Toronto isn’t far from the falls. I was extremely honored to see the falls at a very young age. It was a beautiful experience. I went on a boat ‘The maid of the mist’ which takes you close to the falls, and getting a touch of the water crashing down. It was beautiful.

Here are some images of places at Ottawa:

Some images of Toronto:

Image of Quebec:

I have loads more photos but I will upload them on Flickr when I have a lot of free time. Everyone share your stories about your Holiday!