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Silhouette Dancing

November 30, 2011 5 comments

Hi Everyone,

Today, Ms.Jane showed us a silhouette dance by a few Year 6s last year. I was quite interested in this and did a little research on this but I didn’t find out much and I also didn’t find the name for the type of dance (if anyone finds out, can they please comment and tell me?).

I did find out about 1 professional group called Pilobolus who is famous for this. They have won some awards and have performed for shows.

Here are a few of their performances:

If you were in 4BM, you might remember Mr.Bob showing us this. It’s also my favourite one that Pilobolus did.

Here’s a trailer to show called ‘Shadow Land’ but they got Pilobolus to do the shadows.

Bidauto hired Pilobolus to do a commercial for them.

I hope you like the videos! Please comment and tell me what you think!



Fun Science-Charlie McDonnell

April 20, 2011 6 comments

There is a Youtuber called Charlie McDonnell-or better known as his Youtube Username ‘Charlieissocoollike’. Charlie posts videos about some different things and things he thinks about. However there are 2 videos on science that he has made.
It is in the ‘Fun Science’ series. The 2 videos are called ‘Fun Science-The moon’ and ‘Fun Science-Light’. I thought about it and the video about light can help us develop an understanding.
In this video Charlie mainly talks about the ‘Doppler effect’ which is the change of sound by distance, and the change of light when moving. This may give you some information, and it can help a bit with our unit on science. I hope you enjoy the video!

His Video Blog/Website:
His Youtube Channel:

DIWALI (Festival)

October 14, 2009 4 comments

This week there is a festival called Diwali, it is the festival of light and it is New years for Indian people. In Diwali we play firecrakers at night. This year my cousins are coming to my house to celebrate Diwali.

Here is a picture of  a candles we put around the house and one of the fireworks that I play on Diwali: