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Chinese New Year Day 1

February 13, 2010 21 comments

Today, I have been celebrating Chinese New Year with my relatives(My Grandmother, My Uncle, My Aunt, My mom and my Dad) to celebrate the new year of the Chinese Calendar. There are many steps to the new year and remember, this is only day 1, so there is another day to go.
These are the types of prayers on the first day:
  1. Morning- Prepare the fruits and equipment for the morning prayers: Thai and Chinese. I help prepare for this celebration since I started to acknowledge that this is a very important to Chinese History.
  2. Morning-Make prayers at the Thai shrine then the Chinese shrine and finally the shrine that protects and is closest to your house.  This event commenced because it is the day for praying for the thai shrines and it is Chinese New Year at the same time. I help my dad carry the fruits and foods to the shrine and I also prayed with my dad. 
  3. Morning- Prepare for the past people of our family and having breakfast.
  4. Morning-I went to my grandmother’s other house and have afternoon prayers of our relatives that are in heaven. Th main objective to this is to make sure our past relatives have food, utensils, electronics and money so that they stay wealthy and up to date to the world. Fruits, foods, gold paper all have to be there everyday.  The most important fruit of the celebration is oranges since they have the symbol of good luck.
  5. Pack up and have lunch.
  6. Noon-Prepare for praying for relativeless spirits.
  7. Praying for relativeless spirits.
  8. Pack Up for the day.


History of Chinese New Year:

Long time ago, there was a deadly animal that would kill the Chinese people and make China terrifying. This animal’s name is knean. It stayed deep inside mountains and every day of the 14th of  February, it would come out of the mountains and slaughter men and women one village at a time. The villiagers that survived gathered their food during January and hide in their houses when the knean comes. A few years later, the villiagers started to know the weaknesses of the knean:

  • Loud Noises- the villiagers were just playing around with some firecrackers and the knean ran away.
  • Color Red- the children in the village were wearing red shirts and the knean ran away too.

This is the main reason why Chinese New Year exists today.

Does Anybody have a celebration that is similiar to this?