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Homework Part Two – Economics

April 21, 2010 42 comments

Black Hat – How is money a problem in your issue?

Yellow Hat – How could money be part of the solution in your issue?

Green Hat – What economic/business ideas could be used to solve your issue?

Photos by josh.liba, giladr and chris.corwin on Flickr

Homework: Economy

March 31, 2010 38 comments

Mr. Adrian did an amazing job with his first ever Pecha Kucha today. He shared some of his personal history and why he is so fascinated by economics. He also made us think about the world and how economics is all about how we use the Earth’s resources and not just about money.

He spoke about balance and how our needs and wants should be balanced with what is available. Our problem today, it seems, is that we are “off balance”. We want so much more than the world can provide. He also said, and this is very important, that economics can offer solutions to all the world’s problems!

Balancing HDR by Jasen Miller.

Think about your issue. How is economics part of the problem? How could it be part of the solution? Are the problems of your issue caused by things being “off balance”? Explain your answers in detail.

Photo by Jasen Miller on Flickr