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Another Earthquake

April 18, 2010 1 comment

Another earthquake has happened!

An 6.3 Ritter Earthquake happened in Papa-Neugini (i’m not so sure how it is spelt) but what is important is After the Haiti earthquake, there was a china earthquake and now an earthquake in papa- nuegini. I find this very weird because this is just 4 months and 3+ earthquake has happened around the world. It is more than any year.

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Today’s Sonkran Assembly

April 1, 2010 11 comments

My brother is the guy on right side of the stage

Here are some of the pictures from the Songkran assembly. My mum also took pictures from the secondary assembly.

Homework – Nature

April 1, 2010 23 comments

“I’m a believer in nature”

Mr. Darren

Are you a believer in nature? How does a believer in nature behave?

“Unfortunately, the non-humans always lose the battle… we use, and we use, and we use.”

Mr. Darren

What does Mr. Darren mean? Think about it carefully and try and explain the meaning of his quote with detail and examples.

“Any planning for the future of any country must include planning for the environment”

Mr. Darren

How does this quote relate to your issue? Think about your issue, what is the possible future of your issue? What planning does the Thai government need to do for your issue? What environmental planning does the Thai government need to do for your issue?

Homework: Economy

March 31, 2010 38 comments

Mr. Adrian did an amazing job with his first ever Pecha Kucha today. He shared some of his personal history and why he is so fascinated by economics. He also made us think about the world and how economics is all about how we use the Earth’s resources and not just about money.

He spoke about balance and how our needs and wants should be balanced with what is available. Our problem today, it seems, is that we are “off balance”. We want so much more than the world can provide. He also said, and this is very important, that economics can offer solutions to all the world’s problems!

Balancing HDR by Jasen Miller.

Think about your issue. How is economics part of the problem? How could it be part of the solution? Are the problems of your issue caused by things being “off balance”? Explain your answers in detail.

Photo by Jasen Miller on Flickr

Homework – Nature

March 29, 2010 17 comments

What Have I Done? by tropicaLiving.

Mr. Andy Dorn made a presentation about nature. He explained why nature is such a passion of his, and he shared some information about the way the future could go if we don’t start thinking about nature a lot more than we do. He made me think of the following questions:

  • How often do you connect with nature?
  • What connections are there between nature and your issue?
  • How does this quote by Mr. Andy relate to your issue?
“There’s so many of us and we all want so much stuff!”
  • Mr. Andy said that “nature is at the center of everything”. Is it at the center of your issue? Why? Why not?
  • How does the quote in the picture below relate to your issue?
Photographs by TropicaLiving and Evie22 on Flickr

Earth Hour

March 28, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday was Earth Hour. I hope all of you didn’t use electricity. My family (my mum, brother and I) closed our lights for all the Earth Hour. We didn’t use computers or anything else too. I think we should have Earth hour more often and it should be longer, also big businesses should also take part. Here is a video of Sydney on Earth hour and official video for Earth hour.

pets in danger

March 24, 2010 13 comments


My issue is about pets force to eytake drugs. Because they want more money so, they make pets take drugs make them look highpper and look healty so the comsutomers will buy the pets.

so this is  the quistens I wanna ask you.

what do you THINK about pets in animal market?
What do you FEEL about pets in animal market?
What do you hope about pets in animal market?”
What do you FEAR pets in animal market?

watch this video

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