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Homework Part One: Who could win, who might lose?

April 22, 2010 27 comments

If you are able to change your issue the way you want to change it, to create the future you want to see… who could make money? Who might lose money?

Who could make money?

What business ideas could people come up with? How could people make a profit? How will people save money? What jobs could be created?

Who might lose money?

What businesses will fall apart? What businesses will need to change? Who will make a loss? Who will lose money? Who might lose their jobs?

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Human Continuum – The Value of Our Issues

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Watch the video again. Make a comment and describe some of the conversations you had while trying to make the continuum.

Homework Part Two – Economics

April 21, 2010 42 comments

Black Hat – How is money a problem in your issue?

Yellow Hat – How could money be part of the solution in your issue?

Green Hat – What economic/business ideas could be used to solve your issue?

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Homework Part One: The Effect of Your Exhibition

April 21, 2010 37 comments

When people have seen your exhibition, what do you want them to:


What information do people need to know? What facts will you need to share? What data will people need to know?


What do you want people to think? How do you want to change the way they think?


What do you want people to do? How do you want people to act? How do you want people’s behaviour to change?

Homework: Reflections on Society

April 20, 2010 28 comments

Inevitables connexions by batega.

What are the “Key Connections” between your issue and society? Try and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. Think back to all the conversations and thinking you did today.

Impact of your issue on society

What is the impact of your issue on society? What problems is your issue causing to the society you live in? What effect is your issue going to have on the future of the society you live in?

Impact of society on your issue

What is the impact of society on your issue? What is society doing that is making your issue worse? Is society doing anything to make your issue better? Could the solutions to your issue come from society?

Society and your exhibition

How can you use the Society lens of the Compass in your exhibition to:

  • gather information
  • get ideas
  • collect data
  • understand behaviour
  • present your information
  • get people to “re:think”
  • start finding solutions to the issue
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Homework – Society

April 19, 2010 23 comments

Tomorrow, we will spend the day looking at your issues through the lens of “Society”. The Society lens of the Compass is all about:

  • Communities – How important is your issue in your community? Is anybody in your community already taking action on your issue?
  • Schools – How important are schools in your issue? How could they be more important? Are some schools already taking action?
  • Institutions – What institutions exist that are relevant to your issue?
  • Cultural traditions – What cultural traditions could be important in your issue? What cultural traditions make the situation worse? Could cultural traditions help improve your issue?
  • Arts – How are the arts connected to your issue? Are there any art exhibitions, plays, movies or songs that are relevant to your issue? How are the arts used to make people “rethink”?
  • Organizations – Are there any organizations that are working on your issue?
  • Law – Are there any laws that are connected to your issue? Are there any laws that could help solve your issue? Are there any laws that are actually making the problems worse?

Your homework is to come prepared for tomorrow by doing one or more of the following things:

  • Gather images from newspapers, magazines and the Internet about society and your issue.
  • Speak to people at home about the connections between society and your issue.
  • Research on the Internet.
  • Create a contact list with names, emails and phone numbers of organizations, institutions and community members who are taking action on your issue.

Make a comment on this posting to tell us what you did and how you did it. A minimum working time of 40 minutes is expected.

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How Green is Your Issue?

April 19, 2010 3 comments

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The students were given some decent paper and a small selection of chalk and oil pastels. They were asked to use shades of green and only one more colour in order to show their issue from a green/nature perspective through abstract art.

Many of them were not familiar with abstract art, which was quite a shock! However, I shared some examples of the work done by the teachers at the Green School (see previous posting) and that seemed to unlock some of their creativity.

The students wrote an explanation of their work on an index card and then they put them up on a display board.

Some of the ideas that came out of students sharing their work were very interesting and could lead on to some bigger works of art to form part of the exhibition:

  • Sasha’s drawing of blue water that is becoming more and more polluted could become a large “timeline painting” that shows what we have been doing to water throughout history. It could also include some vision for the future.
  • Rosna’s image of plastic bags on top of a natural background could be extended to become a painting of the Earth that is covered with cut-out bits of plastic to represent plastic bags. She could stick these on herself, or make it interactive in order to increase the shock value!
  • Alfie’s growing cloud of cigarette smoke could also be turned into an interactive piece of work. He wanted to get people to sign a petition. maybe, instead, he could get people to contribute to a massive cloud of smoke?

These ideas for further development of the artwork came from Naomi Natale’s One Million Bones project.

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