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We have been nominated for an award…

December 5, 2010 31 comments

6SS@NIST is on the verge of superstar status!!! It has been an amazing year and a half of amazing blogging by the students of last year’s 6SS and this year’s 6SS. I think the blog has been successful because:

  • Students were “allowed” to create postings of their own
  • We have not worried too much about spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • The blog has given the students a real reason to write
  • We have really brought our blog to life by having conversations on interesting topics
  • Students have been free to express themselves on the blog
  • Students have quickly learned the skills involved, such as uploading images, embedding videos and using tags

… and, most importantly…

  • Students have just loved having a place to think out loud, to express themselves safely and to share what they know and care about

If you’d like to vote for our blog, go to this link: