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October 5, 2011 12 comments

Hi 6ss,

Tomorrow i have a swimming competition in patana and I hope I will win the game

P.S cross your fingers

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Asian Wake Park Tour – Second Stop (Singapore)

September 28, 2011 12 comments

This is a video of the second stop of Asian Wake Park tour.

I got first place for Mens Amatuer Novice Wakeboard and Mens Wakeskate.

The guy who came second was the same guy who came second in the last stop.

For the last stop in the Philippines, I have to do Pro Wakeskate and advanced Wakeboard. The reason I did Novice was because my points kept adding on. For Wakeboard I won for both rounds and for Wakeskate, I lost the first round but won in the Finals.

I wakeboard and wake skate because it’s my  hobby and I want to do this for the rest of my life. I started wakeboarding and wakeskating a year ago. I ride the Liquid Force Flx and the LTD Watson bindings. I usually ride from 9:00 in the morning til 8:00 in the night.

These are the trophies I won from the competition.


Click here for the competition results

What is going on?

August 18, 2011 9 comments

Ms. Jane emailed me these photos:

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Make a comment to tell us:

  • What you are doing
  • What skills you are using and developing
  • What was challenging
  • What was quite easy

Cricket Match – Sri Lanka vs India

April 6, 2011 8 comments

Me, Anirudh and a couple of other friends watched the world cup  final together. Anirudh and a few other friends came to my house to watch the game. We were all very nervous as Sri Lanka posted a high score of 275. There were lots of messages going around on indian phones for example “all is well- pass this on”

Whenever the TV showed the crowd we looked for Shikhar as he was there watching it live. We didn’t have luck though as we did not see shiku.

When India started batting we al became very very nervous as one of our star batsman ( Virender Sehwag ) got out on the second ball.  Then  our greatest hope for winning Sachin Tendulker got out on 18 runs which gave some people tears as Sachin Tendulker had a possibility of getting his hundredth 100 in the World Cup final which would make the record books.

After this we were very very very very nervous as our score was 21 for 2 which is a really bad score. Then Gautam Gambhir saved us and steadied   the innings  by getting 97. Then with 25 balls left and 25 runs to win India started hitting Fours and Sixes.  

Then with four runs left to win Dhoni hit a massive sixer and India won the game. We were all very very excited because it was the first time in 28 years that India won the world cup. We all celebrated in our house.

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Sports Day

February 25, 2011 4 comments

Come and watch your child participate in this year’s Track and Field Sports Day at NIST on Monday 7 March 2011 at the following times:

Year 6 9.25-10.45 am

The main intention of the Track and Field Day is to promote maximum participation and fun in an environment of safe competition. Each student will have the opportunity to apply their learning from their PE classes during individual events and can make several attempts to improve their own performances.

Individual events: Hurdles, 60m Sprint, Javelin, Turbo Javelin, Long Jump, 600m Run

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Some funny Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 12, 2010 11 comments

You have to see this. Some funny Cheating.

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Elementary School Sports Days 2010-11

November 10, 2010 1 comment

Please see below a message from Ms. Jane Mycroft (the Elementary School PE Coordinator) regarding the Elementary School sports days.

I am writing to you about our NIST Elementary School Sports Days for 2010-11 and a date for your diary. We plan to have a series of shorter but more frequent sports days this year for all of our Year 4-6 students. Our first Year 6 one will take place on Monday 22 November from 1-2.30pm in the sports centre. It follows the students recent basketball unit and will be run as a series of games of basketball for the students to apply what they have learnt in PE in a safe competitive environment. Students will need a reminder as this takes place on their first day back after camp!

We do hope you will be able to join us to cheer on your children. We plan to have a biathlon and a track and field day later in the academic year and will notify you of those dates when set.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Mycroft (Elementary PE Coordinator):

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