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Kid Friendly Newspapers for Elementary Kids at NIST

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Click here to go to the newspapers that are all suitable for kids.




The Joy of Books (stop-motion video)

January 15, 2012 4 comments

Hi Everyone,

I found this on Yahoo ( Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife, Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp made a stop motion video called ‘The Joy of Books’. It was a viral hit on the internet. They used Type Books (a bookstore) and for 4 nights, they would rearrange the books and make them into a stop motion video. I got the facts from

The first part reminds me a bit of Harry Potter.

He did a smaller version with his own bookshelf:

I also liked his other videos like Cat Vs. Pinata and his ads for the Toronto Zoo.

Homework: Research Skills

January 19, 2011 43 comments

The Exhibition will be upon us all soon. Yahoo! I’m really looking forward to see where inquiry will take you…To help you along with the vast amounts of text you will be exposed to and the need to synthesise all this, for homework this week, we’d like you to return to the BBC Skillswise site and hone those skim and scan skills!. Try another level that you mightn’t have felt confident trying this time…

Here’s the link…

Make a comment to tell us what you did, what you found difficult, what you found easy and what you need more practice on.

What world are you in this week?

October 18, 2010 76 comments

Ms. Jennifer says that when you read you “enter the world” of the book. Tell us all about the book you’re reading by:

  • Describing the world in the book
  • Describing the feeling of the book
  • Describing the people in the book
  • Giving us details that help us understand the world you enter when you read the book

Don’t tell us the story.

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What are you reading this week?

September 20, 2010 41 comments

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I took these photos so we could capture what you are all reading at the moment and use it for your homework.

Make comments on this posting about the book you’re reading. You could tell us:

  • about one of the main characters
  • about where the story is set
  • about a part of the story that you liked
  • about the author’s writing style
  • about whether or not you are enjoying the book
  • about why you chose that book
  • any other ideas of your own!

The Library Inquiry

September 14, 2010 51 comments

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6SS students are now at the stage where they are making choices about the sections of the Library that they want to inquire into.

Here’s some examples of what they are interested in:

Pimboon and Am are learning about the series trolley where you can find series like The Berenstain Bears, Walt Disney Books and Madeline. They chose that part of the library because they didn’t know much about it already. They told  me that their audience would be students from around EY2 and their parents up to about Year 2.

Jon, YeaChan and Ken are looking at the Horrible Histories and Goosebumps section. They said that the books were aimed at students from around Year 4 upwards and were particularly for kids who like horror, scary things and stories with twists in them. When talking about Horrible Histories, Jon said that “they teach you real stuff but in a way that makes you want to read it.”

Sebi and May are learning about the Early Non-Fiction section of the library. They felt that although the section is designed mainly for younger kids, some older kids could and should still use them when looking for information.