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My new family member !

January 15, 2012 9 comments

Hi Guys,

When I just came back from camp my mom surprised me with my new family.

Her name is po’ po’ (Kiss in Korean) She is only 4 month old and I am going to keep updating


The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge

December 1, 2011 6 comments

Click on the image to read the full story. Let’s be inspired by this and do Secret Santa this way. We’ll talk about it more in our Ubuntu meetings.

During School closure (continue)-Mari

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Trip in Huahin

November 6, 2011 6 comments

Hi every one this is my homework for task one I went to boathouse in huahin has anyone been to boathouse


Day 1 :When I arrived huahin Yona and me went to the beach to catch crabs but when we arrived the beach was filthy we couldn’t see any living things the only thing I can see was rubbish so Yona and me went to the pool it was shallow and clean no one was there so it felt like we had our own private pool it was so relaxing.

Day 2 : When we went to the beach again the water got cleaner but it had lots of coconut we were digging for crabs when we finished Yona got 1 crab and I got 2 crabs at the end we let the crabs go and when we went to the pool to relax but it had some noisy kids that was playing tag so we went back to our hotel room.

Day 3 :My dad caught a fish we didn’t know what kind of species it was it has a bright red color it was smaller than a baby pinky and it looks tried to escape the bucket but suddenly it gave up I thought it was a new species. The skin was peeling and it looks like it was just born we let it go at the end.

Day 4 :We didn’t go to the beach because it was high tide in the swimming pool it was quiet no one was there so we tried to make a game up one was pulling each other legs it was fun until Yona scratched me after that My mom told me to count the birds on the sky it was beautiful.

Day 5 : It was the last day in huahin we didn’t go to the beach or swimming pool because we had to pack our bag we had to leave at 10:00 am when we went to the car I worried about the flood because I found out a crocodile was swimming around cars and people.








My Trip To Hua Hin

November 6, 2011 9 comments

Hi 6SS,
This is for challenge 1. I went to hua hin and I live in the tall white condo.

I could have took more photos of what I did but I was busy playing!!!

During School Holiday

November 5, 2011 1 comment

This is my HW Challenge #1

Blog post during school holiday


November 3, 2011 13 comments

Hi 6SS,

This is what I have done during the holiday I went to Laos this is for challenge one.