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Compliments Experiment

May 1, 2012 4 comments

Hi Everyone,

I did a compliment experiment some time back and I’ve finished making the video! Please watch it and give me feedback:

Thank you!



2 Videos

March 19, 2012 6 comments

Hi Everyone,

I found these 2 videos on Youtube. I think both of them are really powerful:

I think this one is very meaningful especially the message at the end. I know none of us are that sick but the message could apply differently.

This one really teaches us that life is all about risks and failures. It’s a lot like our last unit where we found lots of quotes about creativity and mistakes. I especially like the quote they say in this video: “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.”

Please comment and tell me what YOU think about these videos!

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The Joy of Books (stop-motion video)

January 15, 2012 4 comments

Hi Everyone,

I found this on Yahoo ( Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife, Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp made a stop motion video called ‘The Joy of Books’. It was a viral hit on the internet. They used Type Books (a bookstore) and for 4 nights, they would rearrange the books and make them into a stop motion video. I got the facts from

The first part reminds me a bit of Harry Potter.

He did a smaller version with his own bookshelf:

I also liked his other videos like Cat Vs. Pinata and his ads for the Toronto Zoo.

Silhouette Dancing

November 30, 2011 5 comments

Hi Everyone,

Today, Ms.Jane showed us a silhouette dance by a few Year 6s last year. I was quite interested in this and did a little research on this but I didn’t find out much and I also didn’t find the name for the type of dance (if anyone finds out, can they please comment and tell me?).

I did find out about 1 professional group called Pilobolus who is famous for this. They have won some awards and have performed for shows.

Here are a few of their performances:

If you were in 4BM, you might remember Mr.Bob showing us this. It’s also my favourite one that Pilobolus did.

Here’s a trailer to show called ‘Shadow Land’ but they got Pilobolus to do the shadows.

Bidauto hired Pilobolus to do a commercial for them.

I hope you like the videos! Please comment and tell me what you think!


Last Weekend

November 4, 2011 4 comments

Hi Everyone,

This is what I did during last weekend. I made it into a Powerpoint. Hope you like it!


Carved Banana Sculptures

October 18, 2011 1 comment

Hi Everyone,

I came across this article while I was reading the news on the internet. It’s about this man called Keisuke Yamada who carved bananas to create small sculptures. It seems easy but when you think about it, it’s actually quite hard to do because bananas are delicate and if you make one tiny mistake, it may damage the whole banana.

Here’s the link to the article:

Which of the sculptures are your favourites? I like the dragon the most!


Hope you enjoy!



October 16, 2011 1 comment

Hi Everyone,

I was reading the news when I found an article about the most expensive marble. I realized Marbles are science (how they’re made and etc.) so I would like to share some information about marbles with everyone. Another thing I also realized is that we don’t play with things such as marbles (Well, most of us don’t). We’re too obssesed with playing things such as PSPs and Wii but kids our age a hundred years ago, played with marbles like how we play with computer games.

Here are a few links on some articles about marbles:

Here’s an article about marbles and their collectors price:

Here’s an article about marbles:

Here’s some Youtube Videos explaining about Marbles:

This video is about how marbles are made.

This is a Howcast video on how to play marbles. Actually, it’s one of the many ways you can play marbles.