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Ottawa, Canada

July 24, 2011 9 comments

Hey guys, how’s your holiday? For me, my holiday is awesome. Today is my last day at Ottawa, the capitol of Canada. During this trip, I went to many, many places. I have tons of photos and memories.
During these 18 days at Canada, I also went to Toronto, the capitol of the province Ontario and I have been to Quebec province and city.
At Ottawa, some popular places I went to are: Calypso water park, Centre Block, Rideau hall and many more.
I’m staying at my cousins place. I came to Ottawa because my family decided to pay a visit to my cousins. They live here because their father is a diplomat, and he has to work in many countries. My cousins came here 2 years ago, and they will go back to Thailand in 1-2 more years.

At Quebec, the main highlight was when I went to St. Anne canyon. A canyon is like a series of rocky waterfalls. It’s really big and pretty hard to describe!

I also went to Niagara falls (the east side). That is the reason why I went to Toronto-Toronto isn’t far from the falls. I was extremely honored to see the falls at a very young age. It was a beautiful experience. I went on a boat ‘The maid of the mist’ which takes you close to the falls, and getting a touch of the water crashing down. It was beautiful.

Here are some images of places at Ottawa:

Some images of Toronto:

Image of Quebec:

I have loads more photos but I will upload them on Flickr when I have a lot of free time. Everyone share your stories about your Holiday!


A New Experience-Lighthouse of the Blind

June 30, 2011 5 comments

Website for the Lighthouse for the Blind: -(the home section is in Thai, but the rest is in English!)

Fun Science-Charlie McDonnell

April 20, 2011 6 comments

There is a Youtuber called Charlie McDonnell-or better known as his Youtube Username ‘Charlieissocoollike’. Charlie posts videos about some different things and things he thinks about. However there are 2 videos on science that he has made.
It is in the ‘Fun Science’ series. The 2 videos are called ‘Fun Science-The moon’ and ‘Fun Science-Light’. I thought about it and the video about light can help us develop an understanding.
In this video Charlie mainly talks about the ‘Doppler effect’ which is the change of sound by distance, and the change of light when moving. This may give you some information, and it can help a bit with our unit on science. I hope you enjoy the video!

His Video Blog/Website:
His Youtube Channel:

Am and Julien-Exhibition Topics updated

February 22, 2011 2 comments

We are continuing on our task of asking people about their choices of topics for the upcoming Exhibition. We used the same question of ‘if the Exhibition was tomorrow, what topic would you choose?’ but this time we added a sentence before saying a question and it is ‘remember last time we asked you about your exhibition topic? Well we are updating so did you change your mind of stay the same?’
This time most people took slightly longer to think and we reminded them of their old topic, so they got the question quickly after a reminder.
The results were…

Shikhar-Illegal Immigrants
Paula-Framed Photography on the NIST campus
Sae-Yeon, Ken-Water Shortage and problems
Jin, Anirudh, Yea-chan-pollution
May-Homeless people
Odette, Manisha-Plastic waste
Jon, Johan-Beggars
Pimboon- Flooding
Samantha-Photography on Positive and Negative nature
Gabi-Photography on how Thai peoples’ lifestyle and Thailand’s Nature
Terrie, Am-Rubbish in Thailand
Aayush- Children’s’ rights
Paul, Julien- Kids on Sukhumvit (window wiping, homeless, etc.)
Michael-Kids education in Thailand
Pin-Kids in poverty’s Education

Again we would to raise up a conversation to make it interesting and we would like to see the reasons of your topic…
1. Did you change your topic? Why/Why not?
2. How did you come of your topic?-have you always had the passion of it?
3. Why do you think that you would want to work with the topic you chose and what issues are in your topic?

Exhibition Topics_Julien&Am

February 11, 2011 13 comments

Am and I (Julien) have been going around class and asking people what topic they would like to do for the exhibition. We asked:”if the exhibition was tomorrow, what would you like to work on?”

We gathered the answer up; and got the results…

Paul-Kids walking on streets, wiping windows, etc.
Shikhar, Paula, May-Poverty
Johan, Sebi-Poaching
Aayush, Julien-Childrens’ rights in Thailand
Gabi-Street Vendors
Anirudh, Jin-Pollution
Ken-Water; Acces to clean water and sustaining it
Michael, Pin-Education in Thailand
Odette, Manisha-Plastic waste

If you can, please make a comment of why you chose that topic, the issues about it, and what you are going to do about and we can raise up a conversation.

Am and Manisha-Patterns Video

December 17, 2010 1 comment

This is the video that Me and Manisha made in the pattern activity.

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December 14, 2010 12 comments

Hi guys. This is my Kanchanaburi Writing. I wrote a review about the Adventure Activities and I hope you guys enjoy it! Also please give me some feedback. Thanks.