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Why girls’ don’t play football

May 17, 2012 2 comments

Hey 6ss!!!,

For W.L I wanted to do a news about how girls sometimes do not play soccer because it’s a BOYS game!? I tottaly don’t get it!!!! I need like information about it!!! Do you guys know why girls don’t play football?



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Homework: Numbers in your PYP Exhibition

May 17, 2012 66 comments


We will be basing quite a bit of our work on this homework task so please take this seriously, think carefully, deeply and beyond the obvious.

How are numbers connected to your PYP Exhibition work?

  • Did you need to calculate the cost of anything?
  • Did you need to count money?
  • Did you gather data?
  • Did you calculate percentages?
  • Did you count the number of people you spoke to?
  • Did you measure anything?
  • Did any of your research contain numbers?
  • Was time important in your exhibition?
  • Was distance relevant to your exhibition?

Think about the questions above and also any other ways that numbers may have been involved in the work that you did at any stage in the PYP Exhibition. Make a comment to explain and to give as much detail as you can with the information you have at home.

Yuki, Madhav, Vin and Pan Exhibition

May 17, 2012 2 comments

Just got interviewed by DMC  news. And Pan was saying a long stream of complicated thai. After that we got a photo with the executive secretary of ASH Thailand. We were really nervous and scared we hope we can persuade people to stop smoking.

Yuki, Madhav ,Vin and Pan Exhibition

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

HI 6ss,

We just reached the hotel and they are showing us around. We are also going on TV, they also said that on 31st of may we are going to future park and the princess of Thailand is coming.

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