Taking actions during Songkran


During your holidays what did you do? Well I had lunch with my friends, studing, Going to IKEA with Hannah AND went to SCAD  qith my family and Hannah. I interviewed Lindsay. I have been e-mailing her. She remenbered Tabs! I asked her questions about my project (Exhibition). She gave me a lott of informations. Tomorrow I am going to a hotel next to Paragon because my family wanted to get out of our house! The  hotel we are going to stay is next to Paragon. My mom told me that it might feel like we are in Germany when we are staying there! I am so excited!!

Where did you guys go or maybe where are you now?

Did you take action for your exhibition?

Are you splashing water?

Did you get splashed?  Well I didn’t YET!!!!

Anyway I hope you had fun!

Do you have pictures of you during the holidays? If Yes I would love to see them!!

The picture is from http://muay-thai-santai.com/muay-thai/songkran/?lang=ja

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