Stress in your lives at the moment


Ms. Ashley ran a session on stress with you today. What were the main things you got from it? What did it make you think about? What strategies did you pick up?

  1. March 25, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Hi everyone!

    The lesson I learned from Ms. Ashley was how people react to stress and how people have different strategies to react to stress. I learned that there are three ways that people use to react to cruel things. The first way to react to something cruel is to just fight back and shout something back at them. The second way is to just freeze and take a moment to think and the final way is to flee and hide in the toilet like Ms. Ashley said. She told us that whenever a student is missing the principals go to the toilets and check because most students hide in the toilet to get private time and to stay away from other people. She taught us that we shouldn’t keep stress the whole day otherwise it will effect how you sleep and all sorts of things.

    It made me think about how people get stressed. I thought of a few people in my life that get stressed a lot and I found something in common about those people is that they have a lot of things to do so they rush and then more things come so they get stressed. I thought that they shouldn’t rush that much and they should take some things easy.

    The strategies that I picked out was not to keep stress for the whole day. Like I said earlier Ms. Ashley said that if we keep stress for the whole day our mood will go down. A lot of things will go wrong and a lot more.

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