Homework: The role of trust in your life

Write a comment to tell us about where trust fits into your life. In your comment, try and answer the following questions:

  • Do you believe you are a trustworthy person?
  • Who do you think really trusts you?
  • How do you know that people trust you?
  • How does being trusted have a positive impact on your life?
  • How can you earn more trust from people?
  • How can the PYP Exhibition effect the trust people have in you?
  1. Yasmin
    March 22, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Hi 6ss,

    I believe that I’m a trustworthy person sometimes, but I think I’m trustworthy most of the time. But what I mean by sometimes is like if someone tells me a secret that they don’t want anybody else to know, I just keep it. But sometimes the secret just slips out of my mouth and I blabber it all (happens rarely).
    I think the people that really trust me, is my family and my teachers. I think my teachers trust me to do things for me to get more independent. I think my family trusted me because they know I want to take a go at doing something, if they didn’t trust me then I would have done nothing.
    I know when people trust me when I ask them “Do you trust me” and they say yes, or sometimes I can see it in their face a person that believes in me.
    Being trusted makes me happy and it boosted up my reputation because I got trusted, so that means someone believes in me to be trusted.
    I can earn more trust by doing the right thing and by giving trust. If I do the right thing, people will trust me to do things correctly.
    The PYP exhibition effects the trust by if I do the right thing for the exhibition and people like it, then the people that trusted me will trust me more to do th right thing.

  2. Caitied : )
    March 22, 2012 at 4:52 pm


    I think I can be trustworthy most of the the time but sometimes I can forget to do things.
    I think my family trusts me because they give me responsibilities which is how you know if people trust you. When someone trusts you and gives you responsibilities and you don’t misuse them, they will give you more. You earn trust by showing that you responsible.

    In the PYP exhibition I will be very responsible.


  3. Pat
    March 22, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I believe that I’m trustworthy person but sometimes I am also not trustworthy. The people that I think trusts me are my parents teachers and some of my friends. I know it because I don’t need any body to supervise me all the time and I can be independent. Being trustworthy can effect my life by I could get a important job because I was trustworthy and they trusted me. I can earn my friends trust by showing that I can keep secrets. For the teachers is be responsible. The PYP exhibition can effect the level of my trust because it requires a lot of trust to do it independently.

  4. 19zolah
    March 22, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think I can be a trustworthy most of the time but sometimes I am not trustworthy. I think most of the time my family can trust me because when we are planning something big I never go telling that person that we are planning it for. I know that my family trusts me because they always add me into family disscusions. It has a postive effect on me because when someone trusts you it feels like a honor. It also is posive affect because you feel free.
    I sometimes do something that makes that person not trust me. It is when someone gives me trust and I disobay the trust.
    In the PYP exibtion I will be very trust worthy and I will try my best not to disobay peoples trust.


  5. Madhav
    March 22, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    HI everyone,

    I think I can be trustworthy most of the time but sometimes I can carried away and not be trustworthy. I think most of the time people can trust me because if we have a secret or doing something secret like making a secret birthday party for my sister for her birthday or something, than I can keep it and not tell anyone. Being trusted has a big impact in my life because if I am not trusted to do anything than I won’t be able to do anything, or ether achieve anything. You can earn trust from people by doing the right thing when people trust you to do something you should do it well and don’t let them down. The PYP exibition can effect me because it required a lot of trust, and if you don’t use that trust properly than you might not succeed.

    By Madhav

  6. 19aryana
    March 22, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Hi guys,
    I think I can be trustworthy most of the time because i can keep most secrets and if it is really important i don’t tell. I sometimes am not trustworthy because if its something like a crush i might tell people about it. I think my family trusts me a lot and I think they do because i have earned there trust. My teacher also trusts me but a few months back he didn’t because i was being really unwise and then after I think i earned his trust now and at first it was really hard to do it then it was easy. I know my family trusts me because my brother lies sometimes and when he does and blames me I say i didn’t do it then my mom and dad believe me.
    I think being trusted has a positive impact in my life because it is like you can do something that is pretty risky but people think you will do the right thing and not fool around.
    I think the pyp exhibition can effect the trust people have on me by seeing if i did a good job and if i didn’t they can tell most probably i betrayed someones trust.

  7. Mara
    March 22, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    I think I’m a trustworthy person about 80% / 70% because its like what Yasmin said, if someone tells me a secret (For Example: A crush, family stuff) I go ahead and keep it, but if someone asks me and begs me to tell them. I say “Ok, first you tell me yours” and they tell me but i make the wrong choice because then after i have to say the secret to them.. so sometimes I’m in a messy situation about trust.
    I think the people who tell me their secrets trust (unless i tell someone then they don’t) but still, if they tell you something, that tells you that they trust you. (Questions combined with 2 and 3)
    Being trusted has a positive impact in my life because (I agree with Aryan) you’re doing something that is pretty risky and taking a moment out of your life that you really need to care about and keep inside of you.
    People will trust you more often if you keep their secret and you haven’t told someone no one will know anything and that makes your friend happy because no one has made fun of him/her and hasn’t gotten upset about anything relevant to secrets.
    Trust effects the PYP exhibition because you need trust to help with you exhibition and the audience needs to trust you that you have done the right thing and you are really interested in it or else (like mrsam said) they will secretly be texting their mates on Facebook or on twitter saying “THIS IS BORING!” or something like that 🙂

  8. Hannah
    March 22, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I believe that I am a trustworthy person most of the time. I can keep secrets, but I cannot keep a “secret” if it is a rumor or something I have heard more than once, and with a different kind of story with it. When I hear something and I suspect that it is a rumor, and then I tell the person whom they are spreading rumors about.

    I think that people like Melis trust me because she tells me her worries and problems and I can keep them. I know that Melis trusts me because she said so when we were doing the test on who thinks they can be trusted.

    I know that the people that trust, trust me because they tell me things that I should keep, that is how I know how to improve and that is how I know who trusts me, and I often know who I can trust.

    Being trusted makes you have more open doors to things, and makes your life have more fun and adventure in it. Often people think that when they are not allowed to do something, and then they do it secretly they have a better and more adventurous life, but some day the parents will find out and they will have less freedom. If you make good and logical choices you will have a better chance of gaining more freedom than less.

    You can earn trust from people by actually listening to the people who give you trust. You should act like adults, and make good, wise choices. You also earn trust, by, when being given trust, you pay back by making good choices, with the risk your guardian has made. (Which would be giving you trust)

    The PYP exhibition either gives you a very big opportunity to earn trust, or you can show people that you can’t be trusted. It can also affect you because, if you are trusted, you will be able to do more things during the exhibition, because you will be trusted to maybe go outside to do some research, or to interview people out of school. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to go outside of school and do something unrelated, because you were trusted in the past, or else your doors will slam closed again and you will have more limitations.

    I hope you’ve learned something


  9. March 22, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Hi 6ss,

    I think I can be trustworthy most of the time. I can keep a secret but sometimes it slips….
    Like Mara said, I sometimes exchange secrets. I know it is not a good things. I have to remind myself more. I think my friends trust me the most because I get loads of secrets a day. It gets very confusing. I know that people trust me because people tell me a lot of secrets. How does being trusted have a positive impact on your life? If people trust me I will be able to do new things and different things. I can earn more trust by keeping a secret and do what people tell me to do. I will trust myself that I can do my echibition well. I will put A LOT of EFFORT!!!

  10. March 22, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I do think I am quite a trustworthy person. I do not usually brake promises or let people down. Once I do let someone down it is never something super important. The kind of things I do when I let people down is when I forget something. Today I forgot my SEASAC gymnastics kit in the spots center, there was luckily someone I could trust to have found it and given it back….my gymnastics coach Kun May. She is someone I can always trust to help me.

    Calvin really trusts me because I am always willing to help him and I trust him as well. One resin why Calvin really trusts me is because there are a few of mine and his friends who is letting him down by back-stabbing. I think Henry really trusts me because he has a lot of people who tease him but I am always very nice to him. My Mum, Dad and Molly (my sister) really trust me because when ever they ask me to do a favor for them or in some way help them, I always listen and help.

    I know that people trust me because a lot of people ask me to do favors for them especially these people I am always one of the first in line for them to ask for help. I do not ever really turn somene asking for help down unless it is totally pointless an they are capable of doing it themselves.

    Once someone trusts me that is positive because it raises my reputation because people are asking me to help them and not other people. Being trusted means that there expectations for me is high and they thing I am a very helpful person, this also means they exoect me to help them and not let them down. It helps me because it makes me feel helpful and actually needed!

    I can earn more trust from people by not being that guy who is wise but can sometimes be unwise I need to be wise all of the time and not ever let someone down. My problem now is I let people down occasionally when I should be helping and suffering at helping all or most of the time. I can earn more trust from people if I can even start trusting them to trust me on something because sometimes it may be a trick.

    The PYP Exhibition will help me in a good way by doing well and doing my work that people like Mr. Sam have trusted me to do. It will improve the trust in people if I look smart and like I have used my time effectively and not a time waster. It will effect the trust people have in me in a bad way by me not doing well and like I have only done one thing the whole time because then I will seem like a time waster.


  11. Tamanna
    March 22, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    I believe in myself that I am a trustworthy person and that people can trust me sometimes because I trust them that they will do what they say and so they trust me that I will do what I say it is giving trust back and forth. I am a trustworthy person also because I do good things that people trust me and not bad things. Sometimes I can also not be trustworthy with secrets about who likes who but I don’t tell the whole world about it I only tell the few friends I trust. If it is a personal secret for example Stefan’s birthday surprise party I did not tell anyone because it is something that cannot spread around. I am a person who can be trusted and can’t. I know that my family and parents trust me a lot when it comes to things that are serious and things that are not serious my close friends who I trust more than anyone in the school trust me not to spread their secrets around. My family trust’s me because I am a part of their lives and they are the most precious things ever in life to me so I can’t break their trust. My mom trusts me not to do things that she does not like and to try my best in life to achieve something. My friends trust me because I trust them and they do keep their words so I also give hope back and take. I know that close people can trust me because I am used to them and I know that friends can trust me because of the way I am a person and sometimes when people can’t trust me is when they find out that I broke their trust so they can’t tell me anymore gossips. Being trusted is a big part of my life because then people can tell me whatever they want and don’t have to worry about me telling anyone ever. I also think trust is an big impact of my life because then I can do anything and people will trust me of what I am doing because they will trust my words all the time without any hesitation in life at all and without thinking twice if to tell me. I can earn more trust by keeping a lot of personal secrets that people will tell me. I can also earn more trust with people who I trust. In the PYP exhibition Mr. Sam can trust me that I will do something that I am interested in not because my friends are doing it and I will teach the school something good and achieve something.

  12. March 22, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    I think I am mostly a trustworthy person now because I used to tell secrets and more but now after I was in Mr. Sam’s class, I keep people’s privacy and I don’t tell my secrets either. Also I do what I am supposed to do though sometimes I upset people because I can’t finish it.
    I think my family, my friends and my teachers. For instance, before I was in this class, my mom didn’t really trust me and she needed to check every time but now she knows that I am doing the right thing. Also she now lets me go to the computer more often and she doesn’t suggest me often because she knows that I am doing the right thing. Also I am allowed to go to skype, facebook, etc more often because our family knows that I am not wasting time. I think my friends really trust me because they tell me secrets that are important to them. Then, I keep it to myself and respect their privacy. I also keep our families so I don’t cause some troubles in our family. I think my teachers trust me because they let me go if I need to do something without their eyes watching me.
    I know that people trust me because I always go somewhere unsupervised but I never muck around. Also, I asked my mom whether I am trust worthy or not and she told me that with my pure heart and the wisdom, everyone can trust me. She also told me that they don’t worry about me because I always do the right thing most of the time. Also I know that people trust me because they tell me their secrets too and they know I will keep it.
    Being trusted really does have a good impact on me because I get things done and I can do things that are more creative. Also I can do things that I want to do for my projects, homework, etc. For instance, I was not supervised when I was in skype to ask people what they think about my spark. My mom came in to check my brother and she just went to her room again and not asking what I am doing. Actually, that time I was proud of what I was doing so I was telling my mom what I was doing! Also I think I get freer on things too.
    I can earn more trust by doing the things I am suppose to do and don’t let people down. I will always be concentrated on my work and be happy about doing things like that. Also I won’t argue if they are telling me something right to do and to improve my life.
    I think the PYP Exhibition will effect the trust people because if I do my Exhibition just fascinating, then they will think, ‘wow, I was right to give her the trust,’ While if I do my Exhibition just so sadly, I will also make my reputation down, our class’s reputation down and people will think, ‘I made a mistake. I should’ve not trusted that girl’, and not be able to trust me again. So I think it will have a huge effect on them.

    See you,


  13. March 22, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think I am a trustworthy person because when someones tells me a secret I know they trust me to keep it, my parents also trust me to walk home and back and they trust me to do the work I am given and so on. But if someone tells me something about someone and I think it might be a rumour I tell that person because I wouldn’t want to be a part of something that would hurt someone else.

    I think that Hannah trusts me and if something is going on or a secret we just want to let out we tell each other, I tell her my worries and problems and Hannah helps me and she tells me her secrets and ever since then I haven’t told anyone.

    I know that people trust me when they tell me things that they wouldn’t tell others and I keep them and thats how I show to them I can be trusted, my parents also trust me to do things alone and unsupervised and I know that trust is something very precious so I don’t betray it.

    Being trusted has given me a positive impact in life because when my family trusts me I can do new things and I know that I am allowed and that gives me a very good feeling.

    I can earn more trust from people from treating others as I would like to be treated and being a role model to others.

    The PYP Exhibition can affect the trust people have in me in a good way because then I can prove to people who I really am and showing them I did my work in the given time, but it is also a big opportunity to earn trust and prove yourself wrong.

  14. March 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I believe that I am a trustworthy person. I am 70-80% trustworthy person. I think that because sometimes I break promises with friends. I forget about the promise. For example: I promised my friend to meet in the library. But then I forget and then I don’t go to the library. I really need to improve on this to make me 90%. I think nobody can reach 100% because nobody’s perfect.

    I think my family, friends, teachers, people who know me well really trusts me. But then it can be broken.

    “Trust is like a vase.. once it’s broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.”
    From: http://thinkexist.com/quotations/trust/

    You should be careful when someone trusts you. You have to be careful not to break the vase.

    “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”
    Friedrich Nietzsche


    People can be upset to each other just because of trust. If you think, trust is a big thing in your life. If people don’t trust each other, they won’t believe each other. They will be suspicious all the time.

    I found a lot of trust quotes today!

    “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway
    These quotes all have a strong message.

    “None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”
    ― Paulo Coelho, Brida

    We trust each other. Every time we trust, you go one step further towards big trust. Sometimes, if people break them, you go backwards again. Your trust goes down. You can’t trust that person as much as you did before.

    You know that people trust you by what they say to you and how they treat you. Trust can affect you as a person. People might don’t want to be friends with you. People will not trust you. If you never break trust, people will trust you more and more. It’s important to keep that trust. Don’t break it. Make it go further and further. If people trust you, you can know by many ways. They tell you a big secret, or they might ask you to do a favor for them.

    Trust has a powerful impact in everybody’s life. For a positive one, I have a lot of examples. I once got trusted by my mom to do housework while she was gone for a meeting. So I did the housework really well. So my mom was happy. She took one step further on trusting me. Also people told me many secrets and I kept them. Sometimes I wanted to talk about it but then I thought, ‘Those people gave me trust. I shouldn’t betray it.’ I learned how to be trustworthy by those secrets.

    You have to give trust to people to earn trust. If you don’t give trust to people why should people trust you? First, trust a little thing. Like ask them to do a favor for you. See if they do it right. That’s when you know whether the person is trustworthy or not.
    If I do my exhibition well, people will think they did the right thing to trust me because they know that I put a lot of effort in my work and I am the right person to trust. But if I do my exhibition badly, people will think, I don’t even think about trust and all the important stuff because Exhibition is very important and if you don’t do it well, it shows that you don’t care about important stuff.

  15. March 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm


    I think that i am in the middle because most of the time i can be trusted and sometimes you cant.
    My mom really trusts me because when she wants me to do something i would do it most of the time or if she dosent want me to do something i usally dont do it.
    i know that my mom trusts me because she sais i trust you to do this or that.
    If knowone trusts you cant have surtan experences.
    You can ern trust from poeple by not letting them down.
    if in the pyp exhibation poeple dont trust you you wont get to do what you really wanted to do.


  16. Tammy
    March 22, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Hi 6ss,
    I think I’m quite a trust worthy person because I usually do my homework I agree with Vicky that I keep secrets and my friend trusts me to keep their secrets but sometimes I tell if the secret is hurting other people.
    I think my friends and family trusts me a lot because I keep most of their secrets. Also my family trusts me to go online using Facebook for homework not for chatting.
    I know that my friends trust me because they tell me secrets.I know that my family trusts me because when I ice skate they trust me not to skate to fast. Also they trust me by letting me play with the electronics because they trust me not to break it.
    It has a good impact because our parents don’t really have to worry
    about us also they let me do stuffs by myself so I can put creativity in my work and maybe add some good ideas. My friends let me borrow a ball because they know I’m not gonna lose it and they will not have to worry about it.
    I can earn more trust by not betraying their trust and keeping a lot of promises.
    It impacts because Mr. Sam needs to trust us to let us interview many people in different places also he needs to trust us to work in public spaces.

  17. Pan
    March 22, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I think i’m trustworthy sometimes, like times that i know that or this is important so its kind of natural for me sometimes but sometimes i forget and i make a mistake which can make people think that i’m not trust worthy.
    I think my parents trust me because i do everything by myself, sometimes i go out somewhere by myself so i think i have grown independent enough to trust me, i also think my friends trust me because i never spill anyone’s secret, so my friends often tell me their secrets.
    How do you know that people trust you?
    They tell me stuff that is really important and private to them, and for my mom and dad example they let me go somewhere by myself, not being chased around by a made or nani.
    It makes you be more independent and you get to see what is happening in the real world and getting to know it more than you do now. It also feels good to be trusted, it is just like a reward for being trustworthy.
    From being trustworthy and if they give trust to you you need to pay back the trust not betray the trust and also to earn trust by showing that you can control yourself.
    I can earn trust from people by taking action so they don’t just think that i can talk, but i can take action too. Then people’s reputation will rise and people will think that you are trustworthy.

  18. March 22, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    I believe I’m a quite trustworthy person because I usually carry out my responsibilities and I rarely give away my friends’ secrets. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate myself 8. I do admit, I sometimes gossip and with really close friends and we occasionally tell each other some of the secrets we know.

    My family trusts me a lot. I know this because of many reasons. One reason is if my mum is late and I’m already at home, she trusts me to shower and finish my homework instead of mucking around and wasting time. My friends also trust me too. I think the reason they trust me is because I rarely betray their trust and that I don’t tell lots of people their secret so that it becomes a gossip/rumor.

    Being trusted has a positive impact on my life because then I get to be more independent and I’m given the opportunity to do more things. For example, in the past, people used to tell me what I have to do and when I have to do it but now, people just tell me what to do and then they give me some time. It feels really good to not have an adult controlling every single thing you do and it also feels good that you get to make your own choices.

    One way I can earn more trust from people is to act wisely – this shows that I can handle responsibilities and I know how to make the right decisions if I’m given some independence/freedom. Another way I can earn more trust is to really keep a person’s secret and not tell a single person. Not even a close friend.

    I think the PYP exhibition determines how much trust your classmate, teachers and parents have for you. Exhibition is all about trust. If you choose a topic that really inspires you (not just one your friend chose), act really wisely, put in lots of effort in the exhibition and have something really good to show in the end, people will have lots of respect towards you and are going to trust you more. But if you do the opposite (choose a topic because of your friend, waste time and etc.), people are not going to have any respect for you and are not going to trust you.

  19. March 22, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    I think i am a trust worthy most of the time, because normaly people wold trust me to take care of there stuff and i would not break or lose there stuff. mI think my mom really trusts me because she lets me go on taxis my self and stay home all day and walk to school alone everyday. I also asked my mom if she thinks i am trust wurthy and she said yes you are. I know that people trust me because somepeople at school lends me stuff and trust me not to lose or break it. like when pat lend me his hair blower thing experiment. Being trusted has effeted my life by leting people know i am trust wurthy. I think i can earn trust by being more wise and being more resposible.

  20. Stefan
    March 22, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    I think that I am a trustworthy person all of the time when it comes to secrets and other peoples items. I sometimes slip a bit when I am given a task to do that involves me being alone with other friends with no teacher supervising and sometimes I could start doing silly stuff.

    I think my friends and family trust me because when they ask me to do it most of the time I do. When a friend tells me a secret I normally keep it and tell nobody.

    Being trusted has had a big impact on my life because when people trust me more I get to have more freedom and I get to do more stuff.

    I can earn more trust from people by not betraying their trust.

    The PYP exhibition can effect my trust because it involves more independence.

  21. 19vint
    March 22, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    I think I am trustworthy most of the time, like 90%. Sometimes if I work with someone that I don’t want to work with, they can distract me. Sometimes the teacher doesn’t understand that if they put me with some people we might not achieve anything. I think that trust has a lot to do with reputation because, like I said to today during the Ubuntu meeting, trust brings you respect which leads to attention. If you are trustworthy, people wil respect you, and then they will start listening to you, so your reputation is bolstered.

    I think my parents really trust me because they sometimes put me in control. When I come home, I am trusted to do the right thing and no one has to tell me what to do. This is related to the GRR. Today I was really trustworthy. I needed to buy something and my dad was away, but he trusted me and I bought what I needed. I could have bought something else, but I didn’t. The more trustworthy you are to your parents, the more independent you can become. I also think that my friends trust me because I can keep their secrets. You should stick to your word.

    I think that if you are trustworthy, you came come out from your secure little ‘bubble’ so you can be more independent. Being trusted has a really good affect in my life. My parents or maids don’t have to stand behind me all the time to see what I am doing, so I am free to act, but I have to stick to my word. When I am trusted, my reputation is taken higher, and I sometimes feel proud if I am trusted with something really big.

    I can earn trust if I act wisely and make the right decisions all the time. Some people think that you only have to act wisely within a specific time periods, such as school time, but actually you should try to make the right choices all the time.

    During the PYP exhibition, people need to trust you to make the right choices. You should work towards your goal instead of wasting time. If you are working with someone else, and something depends on you, people are trusting you to do that. Your audience trusts you with their time, so if they left without learning anything or being shifted, then you have betrayed their trust.

  22. March 22, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Hi everyone!

    I think I am a trustworthy person about 90% to 95% in my life. Usually I don’t let others down and I try my best but I let a person down when I pair up with someone who just doesn’t do anything. I have to do that person’s work and I can’t do them all because there is so many work, then I betray the teacher’s trust. The teacher expects us to do what we are supposed to do and we don’t I betray my classes’ trust because they expect everyone to do their work. And I also betray my own trust because I trusted myself that I could do all the work and I trusted that this person who turned to be lazy would help me. If you are trustworthy many doors will open and many chances will come to you. I think that you need trust to do every single thing. Like going to school. If you walk to school your parents trust you that you won’t go somewhere else and hang out for 15 minutes and be late for class. If you are really trustworthy you will start getting attention and after you get attention you start to blossom, you start to reveal yourself and you start to be visible.

    I think my classmates trust me because when we do a group thing they trust me that I don’t fool around and chat to people while everyone just works and has a hard time. Mr. Sam trusts me to put hundred present of effort in to my work. He trusts me that I will try my best to make it successful. My friends trust me when I tell them to come with me to go somewhere. They trust me that it’s a safe place and it’s not a banned place. My mom trusts me to do my work. Whenever I sit where my mom can’t see my computer screen she trusts me that I’m not playing games and going on Facebook and chatting with my friends (sometimes I betray that trust :P). The NIST community trusts me to bring a hat when I go to the field. They trust me because if they don’t trust people they wouldn’t let us play on the field but they trust us. My neighbors trust me that I don’t do nasty things to them and play pranks like ring the doorbell then run.

    I could tell that they trust me because they let me do things that they don’t normally let us do. For example I don’t normally use Facebook during class but Mr. Sam trusted me to use Facebook as a tool of researching and sharing but not just a toy for talking to your friends and playing games. I also know that they trust me by their looks on their face when they said the sentence,”OK. I’ll trust you”. When they say the sentence it looks like they’re having a hard time deciding and when they say yes and you do that thing they start to look at you and check if you are doing what you told to that person what you were going to do. For example if you are going to do something on the field and you tell the teacher and the teacher doesn’t fully trust you, and if he sees you playing soccer on the field that means that you destroyed his trust and he might never let you got to other places and that will make your limitations bigger and your possibilities smaller.

    Like I said before if you have trust your possibilities will grow and your limitation will shrink. It also just makes you feel good. It makes me feel really good when I know that I am a trustworthy person and that I could be trusted and I bet everyone feels the same. It also leads you to more chances to stand out and bubble up to the surface. If you are trusted your reputation will grow and you will be visible. If you are trusted you could be independent and your parents won’t have a hard time every single day! Your friends won’t have a hard time consistently having to tell you concentrate or what so ever.

    I can earn more trust when I do things wisely and do it calmly. I can also earn a lot of trust when I put 100 % efforts into my work so it is successful. If you don’t do anything and you don’t put 100 % effort you won’t be trusted that you will do your work so they won’t let you do it. I also can gain trust by doing the right thing in a place that you wouldn’t normally go to. If you do the right thing in a place that has possibilities of being distracted the person knows now they could trust you. (Most likely)

    If I do my best in the PYP exhibition maybe teachers will think that that boy is trustworthy my trust will grow but if I don’t do anything and I just hang out with my friends for five weeks and do nothing the teachers will say to themselves that this boy isn’t trustworthy and we shouldn’t let him do cool things that requires a lot of trust. And if I were with a bunch of people who are trustworthy and I were the only one who is not trustworthy the trustworthy people won’t get that much experience than they should have if everyone was trustworthy.

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