Homework: You and Your Spark


You can change “man” to “woman”, “girl” or “boy”!!!

This afternoon, we started talking about the thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears that you have about your spark. Spend some time tonight thinking more deeply about these things and then type them up in a detailed comment. You can use these prompts to organize your writing:

  • What does your spark make you think about? Why do you think your spark is important? Why do you think other people might agree or disagree with you?
  • How does your spark make you feel? Why do you think it makes you feel that way? Do you think other people might feel the same as you?
  • What do you hope will happen to your spark in the future? How can you be involved?
  • What do you fear about your spark? What might go wrong with it?
  1. Caitie : )
    March 19, 2012 at 4:40 pm


    My spark is to get people to be happier by encouraging them to be more grateful for what they have. My spark is important to me because almost everybody I know moans a lot about little things that bother them. I think most people in NIST will agree with my spark because they see it happening.

    In the future I hope people will be happier and more grateful.


    • March 19, 2012 at 4:49 pm

      Hi Caitie,
      Yes, I think it is some bad problem in NIST but my friends and I always greet eachother with hugs.


    • 19zolah
      March 19, 2012 at 4:55 pm

      Hi Caitie
      Can you please add more. I also don’t think you have answered all the questions.


      • March 19, 2012 at 5:02 pm

        I agree with Zola. I really like your idea caitie, but I think you should explain more.

        Mari 😀

  2. 19zolah
    March 19, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    My spark makes me think about were does all our waste go,why aren’t we doing something that is really simple and that all it takes to help stop global warming. But what concerns me the most is how the future would look like if we keep leaving rubbish around. I think my spark is very important because it can help stop global warming it is also very good because if I stop one school from polluting I could probably stop more but if I don’t stop a whole at least I know I stop a group of people. I think a lot of peoplee agree to stop throwing garbage at NIST because it make us look really bad. I bet if people actually saw what they have done to NIST they would try and make a change.

    My spark makes me feel very glad because it shows that I actually want to make a change. But it also makes me a bit upset that I would have to do my project about something that wouldn’t take a long time. All you have to do is pick up the rubbish that was wrapt around your food then you walk towards the garbage and then you drop it in. I think people would think the same because I have heard people say the same thing that it is really simple.

    I hope that my project will expand to other schools and that they will actually throw there garbage in a trash. I will be talking in different schools explaining why I am doing this and I would put garbage around the differnent schools. What could happen is that nobody would care and that everyone will ignore what I am doing.


  3. March 19, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    My spark makes me think about all the different harms we have for animals, like killing, hitting, using them to do tours and etc.It also makes me think of how many animals will be extinct if people keep harming them. I think my spark is important because people should not harm animals
    a. because they are living things (just like plants and trees)
    b. they share are planet with us, so you have to respect them.
    So you have to be gentile with them. I think people will agree with me because it is true and you do have to be gentile. I also think people will not care and disagree with me because they might think it doesn’t matter if animals extinct. But Mallory told me that It was a strong one to focus on, so she made my day.

    My spark makes me feel strong and brave because I’m trying to stop animal harming, it’s a hard thing to do so I feel strong and brave to try to stop harming the animals. I also feel helpful for trying to help the animals around me. I think some people would feel the same way except the other way round, people will think I’m helpful, strong and brave. But some people will feel ashamed and that’s all.

    I hope that my spark will go around and people will help me and some people will do something similar to animal rights. This involves me because for this to happen I have to introduce my project to people, then people have to give me feedback and maybe they will help me or do something similar to me.

    What I fear about my spark is that I won’t try enough to continue with animal rights, I won’t do it right and people won’t understand what I’m doing. The thing that could go wrong is I could explain what I’m doing to people, then people don’t care, so nothing will build on and nothing will happen out of what I’m doing.

  4. March 19, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    My spark is: Making people eat less junk food/all the bad food for their health

    My spark makes me think about my dad because my dad eats junk food and I am worried about him. Also my spark makes me think about people in all over the world that eats junk food. I think my spark is important because if people eat junk food, they will get unhealthy. I want to start a revolution which is similar to what Jamie Oliver did. I think my spark is really important to people because making people eat less junk food can make them healthier. I think people will agree because I already asked my mom about it and she said it was important. My brother agreed with me too.

    My spark makes me feel worried about people’s health. I think the way that junk food affects people make me feel that way. We should eat junk food only five times a year. I eat hamburgers once a year. My mom is a healthy eater so I have to eat healthy things too. I think some people might feel the same way as me but people who like junk food will think: ‘It’s no worry just eat it and that’s it.’ It’s a wrong way of thinking. Junk food affects you 10 years later. You can see. Or sometimes if you eat it every day it can affect you straight away. A man called Michael (I don’t know his last name) did an experiment on himself. He ate hamburgers every single day. In 2 weeks, he was so weak so he had to stop it. Junk food has A LOT of affect in you. So you should stop eating it. You can eat it sometimes like once in a while but not that much.

    I wish my spark will become a huge fire and affect everyone. I hate to see people eating loads of junk food. It’s okay to eat some in a party. But just think about how it will affect your life if you eat it every day for breakfast or lunch, dinner. I will be involved always in my spark because it’s my idea. It’s in my head. So it should go anywhere where I go right? Anyway, I will stick to my spark. I will make it a huge fire by putting oil. The oil is my energy. The energy makes a huge fire. SO I should make a lot of energy which will make me involved in the huge fire.

    I fear that people might ignore my spark. People who like to eat junk food might ignore. So I should make it look amazing so people will have a look at it. Sometimes people ignore what people present. When I was in Year 5, I had a friend who ignored presentations that looked boring. You don’t know whether it’s boring or not before you listen to it. I will make sure that my exhibition will look interesting. My key point is I will teach the junk food kids a lesson that you should eat less of those.

  5. Pat
    March 19, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    My spark is to make more people have a passion by doing a Ping Pong Revolution. Not just let them sitting about not doing anything at snacks and break. What my spark makes me think about is that I should be grateful. For that I have a passion which is Ping Pong and that I can play it at school. I think my spark is important because I believe that everybody should have their passion. They should have fun because it will change their lives. There are comments that I think will come to me later. Such as for the disagreements people might say that it doesn’t matter because it’s not them who’s suffering. For the agreements people that have been through it might say that it feels bad. Finding a passion for them might help.

    My spark makes me feel happy. Ping Pong is my passion and doing it makes me feel happy. I can help people with it. I think when there are no people without passions, I am happy. Yes I think that there are some people who think like me. I think those people are people who once went through it.

    My hope for my spark is that it would spread around the school and a revolution would start. I could get involved by organizing it and making sure that my spark works.

    My fears about my spark is that people might just think that it’s a stupid idea. They are not effected by it then people might ignore it.

  6. March 19, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    My spark makes me think about people who are suffering themselves and why they are not expressing themselves. The main problems are being scared of the adults and scared that the situation will get worse. But there might more reasons why they don’t tell people and I wish we can help them. This is very important especially for the Korean people because they are making organizations and more to help these people who are bullied. They are trying to prevent them from losing their young life. But how can the organizations succeed if the people who suffer don’t tell? Also this is very important technique and it’s the only key they can survive with the bully but also it helps with the bully because he/she might fix what they are doing. They might even not know that he/she is bullying someone! I think people will agree with me because standing up for yourself is an important technique that is used for life and it can help you for confident too. Also I think they will agree with me because there is lots of suicides, etc, happening around the world because people don’t express themselves.
    My spark makes me feel that I might be a kid but I can help the world. If you stand up for yourself, you can get rid of what you risk. Telling someone isn’t bad; it’s a solution for a problem. It makes me feel that if an adult says that the students not hear them if I, a student like them who knows what it’s like to be bullied and afraid to tell, they might listen to me. It makes me feel that way because there is a lot of weird things happening in Korea by people who were scared to tell what they feel like and at the end, they are gone. From their loving family, teachers, friends and from us. I really want to cry when I see these issues. These made me so badly to do my exhibition about standing up for yourself. I don’t want people who have rights to live die. I think other people will be able to feel the same as me because if I succeed on this project, who knows if other people gets hope and try to do things like this? If students teach each other, it’s more effective because we all have the same feelings and have similar experiences! Now that doesn’t mean adults don’t have one.
    I hope that in the future I can see a chart that Ms. Ashley might have more talking to different people. That doesn’t mean I am just going to leave all my work to Ms. Ashley. I actually want to get some techniques from her so I can help first my friends and ask them if they can stand up for themselves. I don’t want to push them, but with hope, love and effort, nothing is impossible. I also hope that this might be able to help our school community because kids don’t even speak to their parents about things! I find it very hard to believe. But they can’t suffer themselves, can’t they? So I also want to get involved making it happen by just making the kid and the parent to hear each other. It’s way easier persuading kids then adults. Also just like the group Ms. Ashley and Ms. Julia made, when I was in Yr. 5, I want to do that though that group didn’t work very well. But I am going to keep this up and at the end, who knows I might be able to find who are actually committed in things; they really care.

    What I fear about my spark is that I might be able to make the situation worse. Standing up for your self can be hard. Especially if someone is squashing you. But, just like Jamie Oliver said, ‘You got to stop being worried about what might and take part of what is.’ So I think I am going to face it. Also I fear that I am going to be very nervous about this and I will be not able to go on the right track. It might go wrong if I don’t make it powerful enough to actually touch people’s heart. Also it might go wrong if I don’t put too much effort in it.
    In conclusion, I want to think like Jamie Oliver who aims for his best and tries new strategies to get his message to the world. I really appreciate his attitude and I want to have a attitude like that.

    See you,


  7. March 19, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Hi 6SS,
    My spark is helping orphans and that was triggered by Mallory. This spark really makes me think about how connected people can get to others. When my sister was adopted by us her teachers and people who helped her were really sad but at the same time happy.
    This makes me think about what ‘alone’ really means, it means you have nothing but you! Think about when we are alone for 1-2 hours, by that time we get lonely. Their loneliness goes on and on and on, it is uncontrollable, we can control when we have a someone around us and when we don’t.
    This is important because the orphans really need someone to come and comfort them and play with them. Something else they need is more stuff to play with, yes they get food, yes they get water but do they get happiness!

    I think most people will agree that they should not e treated unfairly. It is like the hierarchy of poor, average and rich but different, there is orphans and people with parents….they are exactly the same as us some even better! People know orphans have been helped like Klongtoey and I think that will also have them agree with me. I know SOME people might ask why I am helping the orphans and not the people on the street, my answer….it is impossible to save the beggars, but possible to save the orphans

    My spark makes me feel annoyed by how some of the orphanages treat the orphans because some of them are treated like they are no help to anyone while actually they could help some people a lot! I feel useless at this moment because I am not helping them out, but that will all change sooner or later. I feel useless because they are out there b them selves having no fun, while I am here having the time of my life…it is unfair! I am really confused by why they are treated differently, they are exactly the same as us, I mean what have we done to make us better and what have they done to make them selves worse? I am not satisfied by some of the effort people put in to helping orphanages, tell me how many of you have gone to an orphanage let alone help them. I would like you to answer that question! Think most people should feel the same if you have visited an orphanage!

    I hope that in the future there will be more people helping orphanages and experiencing the feeling the orphans have had. I also hope that the orphans will have a better time I the orphanage they are in! I hope sooner or later that the amount of orphans in the world will go down and the amount of adoptions will go up. I will be involved in this by trying to raise money for the orphans and giving it to them! The thing that might go wrong is I give the money to the orphanage and the people in charge will keep it for them selves. I also fear there will be more and more orphans over the years!

  8. March 19, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Hi 6ss,

    My spark is to help animals. Really similar to what Yasmin is doing. (Animal Rights)

    My spark makes me think about this video called Ugly the cat. I think my spark is really important because it is similar to racism, animals and humans are living creatures and we should be treated the equally.

    This is the video Ugly the cat.

    I think that people who love animals might agree with me and people who don’t care about animals lives might disagree with me. If I make those people who disagree with me shocked so that I can make them to my side!!! 😀

    My spark makes me feel sad because it reminds me of Ugly (the cat) and optimistic. Those who saw a video like that might feel same as me.

    In the future, more people might agree with me. My spark might continue to grow and make a big change in the world. I could make a project such as writing a book to be involved.

    I fear that not enough people will take action to make animals life better.

    Mari 6ss

    • Gina
      March 19, 2012 at 7:14 pm

      i’m crying 😦

  9. March 19, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    My spark is smoking because I think that it something that gets people nearer to death and they can’t stop because their bodies are used to the nicotine and when they keep on doing it their bodies get weaker and weaker. My spark first started off with my relatives because a lot of them smoke and their bodies aren’t healthy. My spark also makes me think about parents who smoke and their kids breathe that air and because of that the kids might end up with a horrible disease. I think my spark is really important because if people left that horrible habit then they could have much more strong bodies and they would be much healthier. Recently I have been inspired by a girl called Am she wrote a book about her and the problems she dealt with at school and she inspired me to write a book too only about smoking because I feel like I can just express myself and show others how I feel about this and growing up with it. I think people will agree with me because it is affecting many peoples lives and their kids too and it can lead to deaths at very young ages.

    My spark makes me feel worried that so many people are just giving away their lives like that, but I want to make a change and I have a good feeling about that. I think it makes me feel that way because I have grown up with lots of people smoking and I had to learn the hard way of what it could do to you and people just seem to give away their lives like that and even though they see that on the cigarette packs it says it can kill you they still smoke. I think that a lot of people feel the same way as I am and that they have been going through the same thing as I have and I also think that they want a change.

    I hope in the future that it will expand and move along to other places and affect other people to make better choices in life. I will be a part of it by guiding people to get there and to help them break free from that horrible habit.

    What I fear about my spark is that some people have been doing it for so long and that they think that it is something that helps them and they wouldn’t want to stop.

  10. Stefan
    March 19, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    My spark is skateboarding. When I say this I mean I want to change the peoples thinking who think that skateboarding is a punk sport which only people who never take showers, live in a super messy room, drink alcohol and steal for a living do. I want them to think and understand that skateboarding is fun, creative and anybody can do it.

    My spark makes me think about how I can use an object to make it skate able, it makes me feel comfortable, happy, it makes me think about: music, and how much time homework takes away from my skateboarding.
    I think my spark is important because I do not want skateboarding to remain a subculture that nobody has respect for.

    I think that the skateboarders who have been treated this way will agree with what I am doing and I also think that the people who belong to other subcultures which are viewed negatively would agree with me. However I think that people who stereotype others based on how they are dressed or how long the hair is or how you look or if you grind on benches instead of feeding the pigeons or ducks at the park would disagree with me.

    My spark makes me feel determined to change the thinking of others. It also makes me feel committed, happy and disappointed that others negatively treat skateboarding as a negative subculture and don’t respect it. I don’t really know if others would feel the same way because I’m the only one doing this project and every body feels different about different things. I could only say that I think the skateboarders who might be part of this subculture are disappointed that others treat them so poorly and negatively.

    I hope that in the future my message will spread and more and more people will start seeing skateboarding as a fun and creative sport. And who knows, maybe one day skateboarding is an olympic discipline.

    I fear that people might see more often the negative things than the positive things in skateboarding.

  11. March 19, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    my writing makes me think think about wakeboarding because thats what im doing but my spark it to have parents to let kids persue their passions and not to prodject their fiers on their children and finally to get out of your confort zone.
    i think that lots of kids will like this idea because most kids in nist get forced to do activities they hate doing and they will agree with me.
    I hope that in the future kids will start doing what they love doing and that parents will stop forcing them or prodjecting their fiers on their children.
    i fear that i wont get permission to ride winch in the nist swimming pool.
    what might go wrong is that i fall and that i might hurt myself or that other poeple will laugh but i dont think that that will happen.

  12. Gina
    March 19, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    My spark makes me think about Albert Einstein because he was a pro of science and I really want to be like him when I grow up so I can be smart and famous. My spark is important because when people can grow up they can be scientist and can invent a car that run on garbage they might even sell garbage in the future. People might agree with me by saying that is a really good idea and I wish I could have done that and people might disagree by saying I don’t think you will make it happen so easily.

    It makes me feel happy to do this because normally I never done this and this is my first time and so if I achieve it I am going to be the happiest person in the world. I think it makes me feel like because as I said before this is my first time and I feel like this if I try new things. Not as much as me because this is what I am doing and they don’t feel as happy as me.

    I hope people in the future will have more experience as me now into science and more fun things. I fear in my spark that if I don’t succeed people will say what was the point of that or people might say failed !!!!!!!!! and I really hate people saying that word over and over again.

    Gina 😛

  13. Tamanna
    March 19, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    What does your spark make you think about? Why do you think your spark is important? Why do you think other people might agree or disagree with you? My spark makes me think that if I do this to make a revolution happening in the school it will change my school to become a better place and it will help the environment to become a greener place. I really want the secondary students to clean up their own mess and not litter around the school. I think my spark is an very important spark which everyone should think about but is not and it is very important because it relates to the future of how we will live in this busy world through our whole life and it can make our world a better place and a place where we are taking care of the nature and the environment all the time. I think people who always care about the environment will agree with me because they are doing it themselves and are trying to encourage others to do it to make a big difference. I mostly think that all the secondary students won’t agree with what I am doing because they will still want to buy their food in plastic bowls and leave them around or buy a drink and leave the bottle’s all around but maybe some of them would agree with me.
    How does your spark make you feel? Why do you think it makes you feel that way? Do you think other people might feel the same as you? My spark makes me feel a bit scared that I will not succeed because of the secondary students will they even listen to me because I am an elementary student and I am also younger than them. The good thing I feel about my spark is that I am making an revolution that will help the world and I am really prod that I chose something that will actually make the planet a greener place. I think it makes me feel this way because I have not started the exhibition research yet but obviously later when I start it I will start to feel that I will succeed to make this revolution really happen. I think the teacher’s and parents will understand what I am doing and why I am doing this but the visitors that will be looking at my work won’t really get it so I am going to have to explain it well on the real day.
    What do you hope will happen to your spark in the future? How can you be involved? I really want my work to continue and to be successful even thought I am not in year 6 anymore I want to make people think that if they do this it can make a big difference to the world and that will make it a better place to live in and it will be a much safer place too. I want to get involved by doing what I am saying I want other’s to do I am also going to do it myself because I want to make it fair and prove that I am doing it now you do it.
    What do you fear about your spark? What might go wrong with it? I fear about how I will do this to actually make people do what I am trying to make then do and they will continue doing it. I also fear that the secondary will just do it just to get over with it and then after they will continue leaving all the rubbish around. I think the way I explain it to them might go wrong because they won’t even care.

    PS: I have never typed this long before!

  14. March 19, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    My spark was triggered when I was listening to some music on Youtube and I scrolled down to the comments section where the fans of the singer/band write things like “(put the singer/band’s name here) is awesome!” That really got me thinking about why celebrities always receive the attention. Why doesn’t some normal person who does something good for the world receive a bit of attention too?


    Personally, I feel happy that I’m only a 10 year old but I want to do something to help others. I think that’s something our whole class should be proud of: that we are only 10 years old but we want to do something to change at something small about the world. Feelings for my spark though, are a different thing. It sometimes makes me feel angry and annoyed that some people only care about celebrities and not about the people who really do help out in the world by doing things such as volunteering to do community service. Even though these people are not famous or rich, they help the world in a way maybe some celebrities do not!

    My Hopes:

    My goal is to send someone a card with a letter telling them about how much we (6SS) appreciates/values what they are doing. And if that works out, I hope to send to more than 1 person! But first, I have to start and aim small. Another hope I have is that the people I sent the cards to will write back! I think it would be really cool to keep in touch with people like Mallory who make a difference in the world.

    My Fears:

    In this project, I think one of my biggest fears is that I might not be able to get hold of the person’s address. That causes quite a big problem with trying to send the card.

  15. March 19, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    My spark made me think about Jamie’s food revolution. Because my topic is very similar to his mine which is food wasting. It makes me think that where do all food waste go? why people keep wasting food although they know it’s bad? also it made me think that people these days eat stuff that tastes yummy like junk food,candies and etc. But they aren’t eating healthy food like veggies and fruits ,and when they don’t eat it they will just throw it in the trash. But I think they should eat what’s on their plate. And be very happy with the life they have got. Because people out there in poor countries don’t get as much food every day. I think my spark is really important because I want people to stop and think about themselves how they are very lucky to have enough to eat. My spark makes me feel bad for the people who are not rich enough to have food three times a day. It makes me feel that way because a child should have three meals a day to be able to grow. I hope the canteen or any restaurants will have much less food waste. Maybe some organisation that is willing to take food that is wasted but still eatable and give it to the kids in the poor countries. I can get involved by making posters and stickers to stick on the walls of the school and other places and make a eat-athon to make people eat what’s on their plate for now. But when am not in year6 am going to continue to make organisation that takes food waste takes the food waste out to the poor countries.

    Tammy 🙂

  16. Hannah
    March 19, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    My spark makes me think about the children who hardly have anything. I know I am really lucky and I worry about things that other people cry happy tears. I think my spark is really important because I think those people are really important, even though others might not care or even notice them. Many people might agree that we don’t see those people, but many others, like Mallory had said think that they still need more.

    My spark makes me feel really lucky that I have such a good life, but it also makes me feel really bad because I have never taken action. By now I have only thought “oh it would be cool if…” or “oh it would have been cool if…” I never thought about what I could have done in that moment, and I think I am beginning to understand to think about the present. I think my spark makes me feel the way it makes me feel because I know that it is a fact that I am lucky, and that I don’t what kind of life I am living. I know that the majority of people don’t care and just blindly live the life they are living.( But only the spoiled ones live that life.)

    I hope that my sparks changes the way people think in a positive way, and show them that the world is full of people who need help. I want to be involved by showing people that I care and why I care. I hope that people will unfold the blindfold they had on for their whole lives. Then I want to show them how I want to change. I fear that people might not understand me like people don’t understand Mallory, and I fear that they will not support what I am doing.


  17. Vin
    March 19, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    my spark is smoking because it can cause you to die because it has lots of drugs in it. I started going against it a long time ago, when I found out that smoking was bad for your health. I see it everyday- in the local community and other countries. China and Hong Kong particularly have a high amount of smokers, and that is where I’m from, so I am not proud of it. People learn from seeing, so if children see adults smoke, they have a high change of doing it to and spreading it to their kids. It is like a never-ending cycle. Smoking affects the way you breathe so if you smoke you breathe less oxygen, resulting in not being able to play sports well and destroying your health and fitness. I think my spark is important because it is one of the major killers of young people around the world.

    My spark makes me feel both anger and sadness at the same time, because it is really sad that people are throwing away their lives just like that. I am also angry that the tobacco companies would try to make money by killing people, and also angry that people don’t care about life at all, showing that by buying cigarettes.

    “Cherish what you have.”
    That was something that Mallory said this morning, and I think life is something really important that you should not take for granted. Smoking is a way that shows you do not care. Many children around the world want more life for the people around them, such as the orphans from Uganda who’s parents died from AIDs.

    I hope that in the future less people will stop smoking, if not all people, so the world is a better place to live in. Smokers as well as secondhand smokers will stop smoking, so there is less pollution and death.

    I have a really big fear about my spark. Some people are afraid of what they do not understand, and smoking is one of those. Most people think-‘ OK, smoking is a bad thing because it causes cancer and kill smokers.’ That is just a tiny fraction of what smoking causes. It affects NESW, and if some people were shown the full extent of the damage smoking causes, they would try to push it away and pretend that smoking is a small issue that can be resolved easily.

    You are terribly wrong.

  18. March 20, 2012 at 10:16 am

    My spark makes me think about the people of NIST, and how they don’t even say hello or even a simple hi. The reason i think my spark is important because I really think that if somebody is feeling down or they are not feeling so well you can make them feel better by saying hi or hello or good morning. I think some people will agree because i think they also know that NIST is like this.

    I am not saying that NIST is a horrible place all i am saying is that it can improve. The way my spark makes me feel is challenged because it is going to take a lot of effort to change this.
    The reason it makes me feel that way is because its gonna take a lot of effort to make a few hundred people to change, but if i put enough effort into this i am sure i can do this. I don’t really think other people feels the same because i am the one that has to do all most of the work because i have a small group so far to help me with this project.

    I think in the future my spark might inspire other people in younger years to do the same thing but different. I could be involved by giving them advice. Something that i fear about the spark is that maybe people might get the wrong idea and think that i think that i hate NIST.

  19. Pan
    March 20, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    What does your spark make you think about? Why do you think your spark is important?
    My spark makes me think about how people die when they smoke or even if they don’t smoke they die because of 2nd hand smoking even if they don’t even deserve to die because of lung cancer. I think my spark is important because this is a problem that will be really helpful even if i can only effect someone it can help someones life to be alot better.
    Why do you think other people might agree or disagree with you? I think other people might agree with me because smoking is a very big problem that is going on in the world, they’re just killing themselves early. I also feel bad who get cancers from 2nd hand smoking and i really want to have a powerful effect on at least some people’s lives.
    How does your spark make you feel? Why do you think it makes you feel that way? Do you think other people might feel the same as you?
    The spark makes me feel that i really want to make the change and its a problem i really care about because people all around me smoke. I think others would agree too, because its a really big problem in the world today.
    What do you hope will happen to your spark in the future? How can you be involved?
    I’m going to use some shock tactics to make people quite smoking and show them how bad smoking is and how much it can ruin your life.
    What do you fear about your spark? What might go wrong with it?
    People might get this the wrong way and think that i’m just doing this because my friends are doing it that is what some people said so i will try to prove to them that it is not true.

  20. March 21, 2012 at 5:57 am

    Hi everyone!

    When I think of my spark I think of my relatives who smoke. It makes me thinks of them because they are in the risk of getting serious sicknesses. I think my spark is important to us because nowadays a lot of people smoke in the world, especially in Asia . I want them to stop and also I want the kids to learn what will happen if they smoke so they won’t get influenced by the adults. Also I want them to be able to fight peer pressure and say no to smoking. I want them to be able to choose the right future which is the ‘Preferable future’ not the ‘Probable future’. I think it is also important to know the side effects. If we don’t know any side effects and we smoked a lot of cigarettes we will be addicted and even if you knew it would be too late, so I want to prevent that from happening for the next generation. I think people will agree with me because I think I am trying to save the next generation’s life. I think I am also saving people from making their life really miserable. I am also stopping the people who are making other people’s lives miserable by doing horrible things to them.

  21. Mara
    March 22, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    My spark is Makeup tested on Animals It makes me think about how bad the animals might feel and if they will die or not because of how painful and bad the makeup is. I think my spark is important because we all need to care about the way that we are treating animals and also a warning that we don’t have a job that tests makeup on animals in the future. Other people might not Agree with me because, they don’t really think about the animals and not care about them, so they will maybe not help me with my work by spreading out that I am trying to help animals by saving them.

    My spark makes me feel happy and disappointed at the same time. I feel happy because I am not going to buy those products that get tested on animals, but disappointed because, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO START IT ANYWAY?
    I think other people might be feeling the same way if they found out how bad they are being to the world for not helping the animals, and also feel happy too.
    i hope my spark will BECOME the future, because i want to make people aware (especially young girls) to have a look of how many animals have had to been tested with bad makeup in the eye or injected into their skin.

    I am scared about (because I want to become a vet or makeup artist when i grow up) making the wrong choice by going to the wrong vet that does animal testing, and I’m scared about becoming a makeup artist because I don’t want to use the products that have been tested on animals.

    IF YOU WANT MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT: http://www.aboutmyplanet.com/science-technology/animal-testing/ THIS HAS ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW CRUEL PEOPLE ARE TO ANIMALS.

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