Homework: Effort and You

We have been looking at effort today so, for homework tonight, I would like you to reflect on the things we discussed, the thinking you did and what all of this means for you as you take on the challenge of the PYP Exhibition.

You need to write a detailed comment (that takes effort!) in order to answer the following questions:

  • Do you think that you are a person who puts effort into everything you do? What do other people in your family think?
  • What successes has effort brought you in your life so far?
  • What failures has lack of effort brought you in your life so far?
  • Do you think that applying effort to the PYP Exhibition is going to be natural for you or is it going to be a serious challenge?
  • How can you make sure that you really use effort to make the most of this important chapter in your life?
  1. Mara
    March 12, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    I think that I am a kind of person who puts effort into everything i do because I dont take effort to play a game properly, because thats just a game. I have a switch that goes on for when i need to make an effort and off when Im playing a silly game.
    Mum – “In the past you havent quite understand the difference of questions or answers, but now I think that you have changed. (That sentence is related to ‘I used to think’ and ‘now I think’ homework)

    Im sorry I cant have anyone else in my family answer this question because, my sister (middle sister) was really busy with HW, other sister was at school and Dad at work.

    I dont think applying an effort to the Exhibition is a challenge because, usually you make a great effort when you do an exhibition on something your interested in, but people sometimes do a project on something they aren’t interested in because they want to be with their friends. So i think I chose a good project to do something on and im interested with, so i think im going to make a good effort to make my project, be the future.

    I can make sure by checking that Im in the right position and when people are coming over and checking it out, they’ll be surprised, amazed and interested to find out more information.

    Mara 😉

    • Mara
      March 12, 2012 at 4:16 pm

      I will maybe comment back when they come back and they are free (Family Bit)

  2. Caitie :$
    March 12, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Do you think that you are a person who puts effort into everything you do? What do other people in your family think? I think I put a lot of effort in to the things I love, and the things I feel strongly about. I don’t aways put a lot of effort in to the things I don’t like. My mom agrees.

    What successes has effort brought you in your life so far? Finishing NaNoWriMo took a lot of effort but it was worth it 🙂

    What failures has lack of effort brought you in your life so far? Well, there are a lot of little things like not bring in my homework and stuff.

    Do you think that applying effort to the PYP Exhibition is going to be natural for you or is it going to be a serious challenge? I think it will be natural for me to put a lot of effort in it because I like my “spark”.

    How can you make sure that you really use effort to make the most of this important chapter in your life? I will put a lot of effort in to my PYP Exhibition.


  3. March 12, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    I think I am a person who puts effort into everything I do because I am always eager to learn something. Also I am a person who puts effort into everything because I love my work to be done as perfect as possible. I know nobody’s perfect but I always to put effort to it until I am proud of it. Also I think that because I concentrate a lot in my work and I can finish it without doubt such as if it is good or not.

    My mom agrees with this and she says I always try to make effort of things all the time. For example, she says that I make a goal and I always try again and again until I reach the goal. Also she tells me that I make lots of effort to research for my goal. Such as asking her, going on internet, finding solutions and talking to people who are older than me. She says that mostly I get the goal in the end. My father agrees with me too because he says I try very hard to get solutions for hard math problems. My brother says that he doesn’t know if I am or not!
    In my life I’ve got lots of successes that effort gave me so far. But the most and the best success I had in my life was when I won the biggest prize for writing in squared manuscript paper. I studied the rules and I always studied how to use it. My mom and I put lots of effort to it and at the end we’ve got a prize for making the effort. Then, I was in the Korean TV show! This made me think about what my mom said, ‘if you work hard there is a prize after it.’ Also one of the best life experiences was when I got the best score for Korean test in world language. I’ve got 97! I was so proud and happy that my goal had succeeded; to get a score close to 100. I put so many efforts to this because I studied the test preview everyday 3 hours! Of course, there were breaks but I got most of the time!
    Before, I didn’t really put effort to study my mandarin. That made a failure that I always got bad scores for it. Looking at other people getting better scores then me, I made a goal that I will always try to get 100 for Mandarin tests. Then I did! Now, I always get 100 for my Mandarin test. Also I had a failure when I didn’t really put effort into Math homework my mom gave me. I’ve got lots of things wrong, when I knew what the solution for it was.
    I think it will be natural for me to make effort for my exhibition because I am not really disturbed when I know there is something that is very important to my life. I also know that this would one of the greatest experiences I will have in my life if I put effort into it.
    I will make sure the making effort is very important in my life by making a chart of if I had lots of effort into my work today. I will keep on track and make a short reflection about it. Also I will make a hobby of making lots of efforts. I will also look at videos, blogs, etc, to see how important it is we make effort. I think making effort also builds you confidence and it is a door to open the world.

    See you,


  4. Pat
    March 12, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    I think that I mostly put effort into most of the things so it was pretty good. But on some things I didn’t put so much effort to it because either I didn’t like it or it was a boring thing. There are also other things that are not going to help me such as when I do something for someone else. Such as when a friend tells you to do something that he shouldn’t tell me to do such as pick a ball that is two steps away from him.

    MUM: Pat puts effort in the things that he likes.

    The things that have brought success from effort to me is that I managed to go to the thursday jazz band because my trumpet was good enough.

    There were also the failures because of the lack of effort such as I didn’t go to that much tee-ball practices so I am not in the team.

    For the PYP exhibition it will be quite natural for me if I chose a topic that I like and to make sure that I use enough effort I should make a goal.

  5. Gina
    March 12, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    I don’t think I put effort into EVERYTHING but I put my effort into thing sometimes and some time I forget to put my effort into stuff. In my family my mom think I only put my effort if I want to and my dad says I put my effort into lots of thing and my sister said I am really lazy and I don’t want to do anything!!!
    I succeed my organization because now every night before I sleep I pack my bag
    My failure is when I forgot to put my effort into swimming and when I failed my math test
    For my PYP exhibition it might be a little easy because if I concentrate on things it will be natural
    Because if I don’t put my effort into stuff I will be a loser or a failure

    Love Gina

    • March 12, 2012 at 6:43 pm

      It seems like you had a lot of different perspetives while you were discussing. I asked Tabs but she would not answer me she wanted t play so she started biting me!!! 😀

  6. March 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think definitely a person that puts effort in to everything and I know this because I never back off things and never give up I always want to improve and I am never good enough I always need to improve at something. My family says yes I do put effort in to everything because he always likes to do his best, he also feels happy when he succeeds!

    Loosing has made me put more effort in to things because the next time I have a competition I want to be better than I was before! I also now put more effort in to things and that is because when I was younger I used to be the worst at everything so I know always want to improve. I have had role models in my life which makes me want to improve so I am like them!!

    In the past I used to not try because I used to think it was boring. I used to always seem to give up and that meant I did not put much effort in to many things. When I was younger I was only happy when I won which meant when I was losing I would give up. That is not the case anymore!

    I think putting effort in to the PYP Exhibition is going to be natural and that is because I know this is something very important. When it comes to important things I always, always give my all is always put 100% of effort in to hard things.

    The way to use all my effort is to make sure I have a balance of things becasue if I do one thing all of the time you do not always do your best in it since it starts to get boring after a while!



  7. Zola
    March 12, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think I put effort 90% into everything I do but I put 110% into things I really enjoy doing, like sports especially football. My Mom thinks I put a lot of effort into things I enjoy doing but I don’t put as much effort into thing that I don’t like.

    Last year me and my whole CUKI U10 put a lot of effort in a tournemant Bangkok Cup because of the effort we made it to the final’s and won 3-1. Few moths ago Me and Pan and Billy were doing our dance it took a lot of effort becasue we would take our free-time at lunch to practice. In the end our performence was really good. I have to do Norwegian homework and sometimes I don’t put a lot of effort into doing it.

    One time I didn’t put any effort to give food to my fish and that punished me because some of my fish died. I think it won’t be natural but it won’t be a challenge I think I am around the middle because when I am truely inspired to do something I would do really well but when I am supposed to do a big project and I am not inspired or enjoying it won’t be as good as when I am truely inspired. I can make sure by picking a topic I am passionat about, to know that if I don’t put effort into my work it equals fail. (No Effort+Lazy= FAIL!!!)

  8. Madhav
    March 12, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I do think that I put effort in what in what ever I a supposed to do e.g When I was doing graffiti It was my first time and I tried my best to do what I can to make it good and stand out. Another example when I had to do the writing in class about the book that I read. I really put a lot of effort into that because I wrote 613 words and it is really interesting is My mom thinks that I put effort in mostly everything that I do because she has seen me be responsible. But sometimes I can be lazy and not put too much effort.

    The success that effort has brought me is being me and having a really good education. It has given me a really good education because if no one thought me how to do it, and actually put some effort into my work so I am good at it.Effort has brought me here because if I did not put any effort into my work, and did not even care about I would not be able to write that well do math and much more other subjects.

    Before I did not do really good at my Thai because I did not really like it. but now I learned that even if you don’t like something you still have to do it and put a lot of effort into it. In Thai before in spelling test I did not bother to practice and only got 5/20 but now I get about 14/20 since I practice more and put much more effort into it.

    Applying effort into my PYP exebition wouldn’t be a big problem because I am interested in it and want to do my best to show the over 1000s of people my work, so I wanna put a lot of effort and also because I want myself to improve, and having more knowledge about the things that I am interested in.

    I can check my work and see how much I wrote and how detailed it is.

    By Madhav 👿

  9. March 12, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Hi 6ss,

    I am not a kind of person that puts effort in everything. I put in effort to do something better. I am a forgetful person so I put a lot of effort in that. For example I forgot to put away my dishes, I forgot to close the door and I forgot to turn off the lights!!! I had improved a lot on that. Now I don’t forget to turn off the light and I don’t forget to close the door because Tabs might go out. When I didn’t do these kind of stuff and my mom had to turn off the light for me and close the door, she was upset. So now I put in effort to put my dishes away so my mom will always be happy. When I was having a small discussion with my mom because she was very busy, I told her that I had put in a lot of effort in turning off the lights and close the door, she was very happy that she was smiling. I think my mom puts effort in everything for us (My family including Tabs). BUT my mom said she does not put effort in every thing. She said she puts effort playing tennis, cooking and taking care of Tabs, cleaning, being good shape and being young.

    What success has brought me in my life so far? Well….. I think learning English and some sports with a lot of effort. I was not having fun studying English but knew something good will happen if I learn English. I would make good friends jut like in Japan!!! If I didn’t know how to speak or write English I would not be here and have my future dream. My dream is to be a lawyer that can speak English and Japanese. I made a lot of friends from different cultures and having LOADS of fun with them. They also taught me about their cultures. If I did not put on effort to be good at Soccer, I would have not be in BISAC or go and play against any schools. We made a secret friendship with ISB. My group won 1 game, 1 tie and 1 time lost in BISAC. But we came 2nd that is because all my team mates had put in effort.

    I think I applying my effort to PYP exhibition might go a bit of a serious challenge for me because I am inspired and think almost everything is so interesting so it is going to be hard for me to choose a topic. I also can’t choose how I should present my work and I get really hyper!!!!!

    For sport like tennis, I have to put 100% effort because I want to be good and be good enough to play a match with my mom. I listen to what my couch says and what my mom says. Studying hard to study my vocabulary takes 100% effort because I think I need more vocabularies. For soccer, I put in effort to practice my shooting since I was a striker. Maybe I wasn’t as good as my friend thought but I tried to practice as much as I could.

    Mari 😀  😀

  10. March 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think that I am a person that doesn’t put an effort into everything because I don’t put an effort into things that don’t interest me, but I am always eager into learning new things. My mother agrees with me that I put an effort into things that interest me.

    A success that I got because of my effort was finishing Words Their Way because I didn’t need it and I put an effort into memorizing the words and writing them correctly.

    Failures that I have had because of my lack of effort is guitar and a few other little things.

    Applying effort into my PYP Exhibition will be quite easy for me since I will be doing something that interests me and it will just come naturally.

    How can I make sure I really use effort to make the most of this important chapter in my life?

    I will work hard on my PYP Exhibition and focus on my work and make sure I am doing something that interests me and put a good amount of effort into everything.

  11. Tamanna
    March 12, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    I think I am a person who can put effort into mostly everything but I mostly put my most effort into writing with details and using all the powerful words into my writing to make it interesting and wanting to make people read it I like putting all my effort into writing because I like it and I put my full mind to it when I am working on it. My mom also thinks that I am a person who puts my effort into everything I do because I want my work to turn out the best. I can remember many things but this is one example: In year 5 I had to do a project about Volcano and I did my best and found all the information then I made a drawing of a volcano and I made an model with my mom and aunties and everyone liked mine and I was so proud of myself. The lack of effort that I have had in my life is when I don’t get enough time to accomplish my work and so I have to rush my work and I don’t put my effort into it as much as I actually can do it. I think it will be quite easy for me to do my best in the PYP exhibition because I know that I will only focus on that while working on it and not fool around. To make this chapter of mine successful I am going to work on it at home and try to put my full concentration to it I am also going to do the best I can.

  12. March 12, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    I think I am a person who puts effort in most of the things because I try things. I like to try new things. I put efforts into things that I think it’s the most important thing but I don’t put that much effort in small things. I need to put effort in everything because smalls things can make a huge piece out of me like a puzzle. A puzzle piece is small but if you put it altogether, it’s big. So the small things you do are the part of you. At first, I didn’t think small things were that important but now I changed my mind and I am going to put efforts in big tings. My mom agrees with me that I don’t really put effort in small things. She thinks I put efforts in things most of the time but sometimes I don’t really put efforts in to the things that I don’t really like. I am going to change myself a bit by changing my habits.

    So far, the best success I had was the math competition. Me and my group won the first place so I was really proud. The another success was in Korea. When I got many certificates for my drawing, poetry, math etc. I was really proud of my collection of certificates. Also when I scored a goal for A team in BISAC soccer.

    For my lack of effort was soccer because I didn’t do really well so I was Left Mid on B team. I was sort of weird in soccer. I always scored a goal when I was in Center Mid but when I am Left mid, I don’t score.

    I think the effort in the exhibition will be natural because I chose the topic what I care about. I sure put a lot of effort in what I care about. Sometimes it will be a challenge for me when I present. I don’t speak so much so I might need to put effort in speaking infront of everyone.

    I will make sure that effort is the most important chapter in my life by putting effort in everything. Everything I do now. When I write, color, draw, think.

  13. 19pochrakamolp
    March 12, 2012 at 8:24 pm


    I think that I’m a person that will put effort on serious stuff like achieving or doing good in the exhibition because it’s really serious stuff. But I will not really put effort on playing games (silly ones) or coloring because when I add color on my paintings or drawings I just do it freely because sometimes when I do it freely or randomly it comes out quite perfect.

    Mom: I think Tammy put her effort on the things that she is mostly interested in and also something that will affect her life.

    Big Sis: She puts her effort with things that she likes or interested.

    Effort has brought me success in almost every thing for example I was able to play a new song on my ukulele, I was able to train my neighbour’s dog,I was able to cook little snacks for myself and etc.

    When I don’t have enough time to do my homework and it made me more stressed and It made me rushed and I couldn’t do it well enough or didn’t finish it in time

    I don’t really think the exhibition was going to be hard for me because I have enough time. I know what I’m going to do and I already made a brief plan for it in my mind. Also I think the PYP exhibition is going to be easy because I got some tips from some of my friends who are now in yr7.

    I’m going to make sure that I used my time well and I’m going to plan what I do first so it doesn’t go wrong. I will make sure that the PYP exhibition goes well.


  14. March 12, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    I think i am a person that puts effort into stuff that is important or stuff that interests me. i think i should put effort in stuff. If it is somthing that is really silly i dont want to put effort into it. I talked to my mom if i put effort into Piano, Guitar,swedish and korean studys and mathletics. My mom likes to watch me when i do my mathletics. She says my scores might not be high somtimes but i she also said that i try very hard on it. I have put effort into piano and that made my life better because i am now better at playing the piano. ONe lack of effort i have is my hoework because somtimes i get really lazy and dont do a very good job. So that gives me teachers saying stuff like: Dont rush your work, Youve been rushind since The start of the year. Stuff like that. I think applying effort to the PYP Exhibtion is going to be natural because as i said if somthing is interesting to me i will put effort into it. I will work on it alot make a shedual to make sure i can fit in as much as i can do. Plan the while thing and show it to some people and get feedback, use that feedback to make my Exhibition much better…. etc.

  15. March 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Hi 6SS,

    I think I am a person who sometimes puts in effort because if I’m not interested in the subject or project I’m working on, I tend to put less pride and care into my work. My mum thinks that most of the time I put effort into my work. If my mum were to rate me on a scale of 1 to 10, she would give me 7. I agree with her.

    Lots of effort has let me achieve and be successful. An example is my team/stall getting 1st place for Bazaar Week where my team /stall raised the most money for charity. But there are a few things lack of effort has given me such as like Caitie said, not completing my homework and getting into trouble for that.

    I think giving effort for the exhibition is going to be easy for me because exhibition is the time to show my best work of elementary years and I don’t want to mess/screw it up. Also, Mr. Chad gave us a little practice last year so I know a few lessons like be prepared, don’t waste time because every minute is important and etc. I know these lessons are things you hear since you are little but with experience, I think I have an even better understanding of these lessons.

    For the exhibition, I’m going to make sure that I put effort by pushing myself. For example, if I think I’m done, I’m going to challenge myself by asking questions like this “Is this the best you can do, Andrea?”

  16. Yasmin
    March 12, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    I think that I don’t put effort in everything I do because when I comes to something I don’t like then I don’t use effort in doing it. I mostly use effort in things because in my life I basiclly do stuff that I like to do (i.e. Horse Riding). Also I use a lot of effort in new things I’m trying out..so after all that effort on trying new things, I decide if I continue with using the effort to improve in it or if It’s not my thing so I don’t need more effort in it.
    My dad thinks that I use effort in everything I do because once i’ve decided which activity I’m interested in, then I’m ready to do what ever it takes to achieve my objectives.

    The successes that effort had brought me is horse riding, I put so much effort in trying and expirencing it. Now I’m successfully training in Thailand and doing camps in Belgium, I’m close to reaching the stage where I’m competing. Another one is I’ve put effort in school work so that I don’t fail, so far I haven’t failed and that’s why I’m in year 6 now. :O

    The fails in my lack of effort are in Tee Ball last year, I didn’t really put effort in playing the sport…so maybe thats why I didn’t get in the team. For some homeworks I dont put effort in to it,so I end up revising it and making it more detailed. So it’s like a blog posting.

    I think putting effort in for the PYP exibition is not going to be hard for me because I’m doing a topic that I care about and that I really want to make a change about, that makes it easier for me to concentrate on it and put effort into inquiring about it and making a change in thinking. Effort for the PYP exibition will be natural for me because I’ve choose a good topic.

    I will make sure it happens by working hard on it o that I have something new to say about it everyday. I will ask people on advice of what i’ve done so far. I will take pictures of what my topic is, for exemple my topic is pollution and I take pictures of pollution.

  17. victor
    March 12, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    I put a lot of effort in things i like to do, but not so much effort in things i dont like to do… my mum totally agrees with that.
    I put a lot of effort into wake boarding and wake skating. The result was that i won already many competitions.
    When i dont like something, i sometimes forget doing the task and than i get in trouble.
    For me it is going to be easy, because my pyp is going to be about wake boarding and when i do things i love, i put lots of effort in it.
    I am thinking about wake boarding all the time, so creating the pyp exhibition will come easy.

  18. March 12, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Hi everyone!

    I think I am the person who puts effort into every single thing that I do. For example at school today we were allowed to listen to any music that we wanted to in the Giga lab. I put my effort into my work so it would be successful. Also I try to make my work even better than before. I compare myself from last year to this year to see how I improved in my skills or knowledge. I am the person who uses my time well and spend most of my time improving my work, revising and editing. I am the person who puts effort into my work and everything that I do and go around and try stuff and take action instead of just sitting down watching T.V and being lazy. I also take a lot of risks and that needs a lot of effort otherwise you wouldn’t be able to take that risk. I also put effort into telling myself to put 100% effort in my work.:)

    My mom said that I put a lot of effort in my work. My mom also said that I take most of my work seriously and I put all of my effort into the one subject. For example I put a lot of effort into finishing my Khan Academy tasks so I could move to the next level. She said that I always put 100% effort into my work or the things that I do. She also said that I am always curious and always want to make the work as successful as possible.

    There are many successful moments in my life because of effort. For example this year I put effort in being wise, helpful and kind. The conclusion of that is that I was nominated once as the wise one for one week (A wise one is the person who did great things and made our reputation increase). I also had a successful moment because of effort in year three. We had to research something about Thailand and present it to all of the students in year 3 and all of our parents who came to look at our work. I put a lot of effort into it so it was really successful.

    The failures that lack of effort brought me were in some of the blog postings I wrote for our homework. The reason why is when I look back at some of my blog postings I had some simple easy spelling mistakes but I didn’t bother to change them or stop and think about them. Also once in BISAC U11 football I didn’t play my best and I didn’t put that much effort because the opponent was easy so the consequence was I was subbed off in about 5 minutes because of my action that I took. The last one that I want to share is when I didn’t put that much effort in tidying up my room when I was young. So my mom had to tidy up every single thing for me because it wasn’t fun and it was boring. I should have tidied my room so that my mom will have fewer jobs to do in the house.

    I think applying effort into the work I do in the exhibition will be natural because most of the time I put effort on everything I do. It is a part of me and I can’t stop it. It’s just like I am putting a lot of effort into writing this comment. I am revising it, editing it and trying to make it successful.

    I can make sure if I put 100% effort by asking my group/partner for the exhibition to tell me after a lesson if I was putting 100% of my effort into my work. They could give me a number from 1 to 10. 10 as in massive amount of effort put in the work and one as in horrible amount put in the work. I could also take a quick look at my work and what I’ve done for now and compare it to my last year’s work if it’s a lot better than I put quite a lot of effort, If it’s a bit better it’s an ok amount of effort, but if it’s worse it’s a disaster (It has no amount of effort put into the work! Shocking!)

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