“Why ideas are like sparks”- Tamanna

Ideas are like sparks because they pop in your brain like sparks ideas also sparks  because they are telling you that this is a great idea put it in your work it is pushing you to use it the idea that is in your mind is telling you that if you use this idea the person reading it will think you are a good author and this is a good opportunity to get some positive feedback.  Some ideas can be sparks and some can’t it is a big difference between ideas can spark or ideas can’t spark.  When you have got a brilliant idea that you really like and that you think others will like and an idea that will stand out in the whole point of what you are doing that is an idea that is a spark.  When you have got an idea but you think it is weak or when you have an idea and you think it will ruin your whole work then that idea is pointless and would not be a good idea to include it to your work.  An idea works because of you it works only because of you because you put your effort into it and you put your full heart and focus it will be the best.   My teacher Mr.Sam spoke about this that if you keep a hold of all those feelings in the bottle it will be hard in life but if you take the lid off and let it all out it will be a relief it is the same with ideas in the bottle too but if you take the lid off and use all the ideas it will be amazing and fascinating.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.
Thomas A. Edison

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
John F. Kennedy

I found these on brainy quote!

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