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“Why ideas are sparks” Daniel

I think ideas can be called sparks because ideas are the thoughts

 that spark to your mind but you need to use that ideas (spark) to make                                                              the action (The Fire).  So what i am tying to say here is that ideas are like sparks because you need sparks to make fire as well as you ideas the make actions. Ideas are like sparks also because they come quickly shooting in your head but sparks are not fire because you need to do something with that idea to make it in to actions that are possible and something that is not like talking to Obama to change the SOPA law. That was just an example.  But you could do that if you can.

Sparks  quickly come to your head because every thing you do hopefully gives you an idea a spark a quick thing that you suddenly think about. Like maybe if you are in school you might think about work or homework and if you are in a mall you might think about buying something or if you are home you might think about just going to sleep. That`s if you are tired.

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