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Why are ideas like sparks


I think that ideas are like sparks because when you lite a sparkler it starts shouting sparks just like ideas so lets say as a example your doing your home work then suddenly there is a spark bam there you go its a new idea.

Also most of the time it just randomly happens like sparks just liqhting it then spark it happens.

It also depends maby you spark starts red like fire then it changes to blue then green so that means that your idea is improving so first as example you idea it red you have the idea to make a hotel then it turns blue you wanna add a pool then its green you wanna add a water slide from each room so it just keeps on emproving


step one red.

a simple idea

improve it.        step 2 green                                                                                                   

step 3 blue.

making it better.

                                                   so the thing is it just keeps going on you keep getting an idea to make it better.

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